Women most at risk from friends and romantic partners, data shows

Moreover, of the 888 rape cases recorded in 2021, the victims in 364 cases were minors, more than half of the total number of cases.

The same trend was also observed in the previous two years. In 2020, 398 of the total 766 recorded rapes were committed by this category of defendants, while in 2019 the number was 539 out of 1,015.

Persons employed by the families of the victims, such as servants, gardeners or drivers, constituted the second highest category of defendants, while family friends or friends of family members constituted the third highest category. higher.

This year, the police embarked on a new initiative to promote women’s safety by compiling a file of known sex offenders and taking preventive action against them.

“Where before we used to keep records of story writers like burglars, thieves, dacoits and motor vehicle theft defendants, we have now started to do the same for sex offenders who targeted women and children. In many cases these offenders were also expelled by the Area Deputy Commissioners of Police,” said Co-Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Vishwas Nangre Patil, mumbai police.

The police had also created Nirbhaya squads this year, teams of dedicated staff from each police station to specifically prevent and act on crimes against women in their respective jurisdictions.

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