Watch: This performance art shows the path to success is full of ups and downs

The idea of ​​how one can succeed often exceeds people’s expectations. A work of performative art that addresses this question captivates Internet users around the world.

The performance presented by Yoann Bourgeois, French choreographer, shows him trying to climb a staircase and then falling. Instead of falling to the ground, Bourgeois lands on a trampoline then bounces off the stairs, only to fall again. Bourgeois repeats the same falling and bouncing action several times before finally landing at the top of the stairs.

A video of this performance was first posted on Instagram by photographer Mathieu Stern who saw it live. Stern’s video has since been featured on social media platforms.

Bourgeois’ fluid and effortless movements shown in the video impressed people, who took to social media to theorize on the message of his performance. On Twitter, a video of this performance art, reproduced by user Marshall Long (@OGBTC), has garnered more than 26.4 million views since it was posted on October 24.

A popular performance theory is that it indicates that the path to success is not straight forward and includes many ups and downs. Many people have also argued that the fact that Bourgeois picks himself up after every fall shows that one should not give up on one’s goal despite setbacks.

Bourgeois often uses trampolines and stairs in his work. In addition to performing in popular art shows, he also choreographed the music video for Harry Stylesthe song As it was and co-designed the music video concept of cold play and Selena Gomezit is let someone go.

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