Vocal Music Teacher Mitchell Brings His Experience to ‘Cinderella’ | Education

Growing up, Bunnell remembered watching the Cinderella movie with Brandi and Whitney Houston, that’s when she first fell in love with the story. Years later, Bunnell would star as the Fairy Godmother in her high school musical. Today, she takes on a new role of director.

“I thought it would be very appropriate for my first musical,” Bunnell said. “Instead of getting direction, I have to give it. Instead of being the one to play, I teach others how to play.

Characterization and blocking were at the center of the concerns of the actors during rehearsals because they give life to this adaptation.

“We have very talented kids here with quite a few years of performing experience,” she said. “Blocking is the movements of the stage like where to go and when to go. Characterization is about understanding who the person you represent is.

Bunnell said she was excited to showcase the talents of her students, but with a few slight tweaks to the characterization. She also uses her personal connection to production to inspire her students.

The class of 2020 graduated several girls who were originally chosen for the musical, but that didn’t stop Bunnell from recasting the series. She tweaked some lines to better suit the cast and also cast a Fairy Godfather, instead of a Godmother.

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