Vivid and Energetic Karnatak Vocal Music Concert at Ganabharathi

Ganabharathi’s Veene Seshanna Bhavana audience was entertained with lively, beautiful and energetic vocal music from Karnatak on Friday, June 24, 2022. The concert was held in memory of Smt. Sugunamma Dayalu and Smt. G. Mahalaxamma who became centenarians, by the families of Mrs. and Dr. CG Narasimhan.

Vid. KS Vishnudev (originally Vishnudev Namboodiri) endowed with a powerful voice gave a well-planned concert for two and a half hours. Her choice of ragas was noticeably well-knit. After Varna at Shudha Dhanyasi, he sang “Sri Mahaganapathim” in Gaula raga added with beautiful swaras to the pallavi line.

Ranjani’s raga was rendered well at high speed but the brigas he sang were extremely clear. A slower tempo for this raga would have been more appropriate. He sang a rare Swati Tirunal kriti “Kalaye deva devam” in this raga.

Then he chose to elaborate Bilahari and managed to bring it out in all its colors and present it with vigor and speed. The brief tonic change he made to the ‘Dhaivatha’ swara resulting in Yamuna kalyani came as a surprise gift.

Vid. HN Bhaskar in all raga and swara prastharas passages did his best and followed the style of the singer and elevated the concert. Vasudevacharya’s ‘Sri Chamundeshwari’ kriti is not new to the Mysureans but the ‘raka nishakara’ neraval and swara kalpanas were the highlights of his talent.

This was followed by an engaging tani avarathanam by the Vid maestros. U. Jayachandra Rao and Vid. GS Ramanujan on mridanga and ghata respectively and made the audience sit down and enjoy the concert.

The last part of the concert saw the ragam tanam and the pallavi in ​​the raga Bhairavi. In the half hour that he sang, justice was done to the raga and special mention is deserved for the detailed tanam sung at three speeds. The tala he chose for ‘Odi barayya Purandhara Vittala Sangeetha lola’ was Khanda Jampe. The familiar words of the pallavi made a lasting impression on the audience. He ended the concert with ‘Jagadodharana’ and a tillana by Veene Seshanna.

Vid. Vishnudev was able to maintain his energy level until the end. Today’s world is fast in everything, including music. However, it would not be out of place to remind the singer to sing at least one really vilamba kala kriti in a concert.

-Mrs. Neeraja Achuta Rao

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