VIVE Focus 3 to help teach safe driving techniques to teens

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the UPS Foundation announced that they will use the award-winning VIVE Focus 3 in their UPS Road Code program, which focuses on teaching teens safe driving techniques to reduce accidents.

The UPS Road Code program began in 2009 and today reaches nearly 60,000 teens at 265 Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. The program teaches teens defensive driving skills, ranging from viewing habits to the consequences of risky behaviors, like texting or drinking and driving. Stronger defensive driving skills could help significantly reduce the 285,000 teen driver injuries that occur each year in the United States.

Virtual reality is a very effective learning tool because it allows students to repeat lessons as many times as they need, develop muscle memory and get a real sense of time and space in virtual environments. According to a study by the National Training Laboratories, retention rates for learning in virtual reality are 75%, compared to 5% for lectures and 10% for reading.

“Retention is key to real-world results, and immersive technologies like virtual reality are leading the way in terms of training results,” said Amir Khorram, head of enterprise sales at HTC VIVE. “This is especially true on VIVE Focus 3, which was designed for enterprise-level training. We couldn’t be more proud to work alongside Boys and Girls Clubs and the UPS Foundation to help young people everywhere the country to become safer drivers.

By adding virtual reality (VR) to its toolkit, the UPS Road Code program is poised to further its positive impact on teen driving. With VR scenarios developed by firm Foundry 45, in collaboration with road safety experts UPS, and experienced in 5k on the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset, the UPS Road Code program can now reach a new level of immersion and training retention. The program’s VR scenarios take advantage of interactive animation, voice commands and different driving environments for highly immersive and memorable training sessions.

“At Foundry 45, we are passionate about safety training. So when Boys and Girls Clubs and the UPS Foundation asked us to revamp their teen driver safety program using immersive technology, we jumped at the chance,” said Dave Beck, Managing Partner at Foundry 45.

“Just looking at the faces of the teenagers while using the headset was awesome! The car you’re sitting in is really nice and the aspect of putting your seatbelt on is neat because you couldn’t do that on the simulator we had before,” said Jenn Barnes, director of club operations and workforce development at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin area.

To learn more about the UPS Road Code program, click here. The official Boys & Girls Clubs of America announcement can be found here. More information about VIVE Focus 3 can be found on the official product website here.

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