Victoria Unikel Launches Gossip Stone TV, Airing Original Celebrity Reality Shows

Gossip Stone TV is a new channel launching soon on Roku TV, Amazon Prime TV and Apple+ TV

Gossip Pierre TV

Gossip Stone TV is a new channel launching soon on Roku TV, Amazon Prime TV and Apple+ TV

Miami, Florida, July 05 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new Gossip Stone TV channel will be packed with stars and hot celebrity reality shows, says award-winning entertainer, producer and serial media entrepreneur Victoria Unikel. The announcement promises that the first shows will capture viewers’ attention with luxurious, expensive, unusual and top-secret reveals. Major OTT networks Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV and Apple+, reaching 186 million homes worldwide, will stream Gossip Stone TV. The channel also plans to release an iOS app in late 2022 as another distribution channel.

Victoria announces two flagship shows – The most expensive with Debbie Wingham and Seduce like a spy with Aliia Roza.

The most expensive is a reality TV show hosted by Debbie Wingham, a legendary British entertainer. From her work experience, it’s obvious that she’s the queen of anything expensive! She has 2 million followers on IG and is known for creating the world’s most expensive shoes worth $15 million, a cake worth $74 million, and a dress covered in diamonds by $17 million.

The most expensive features Debbie making her own designs each season. In addition to being “the most expensive”, his works are also the most unique. Debbie will also shine a light on the owners of the world’s rarest and most expensive objects in the first episodes produced in Dubai, Spain, Monaco, Abu Dhabi and Switzerland.

Seduce like a spy is an educational television show produced and starring famous ex-spy Aliia Roza. Through interviews with famous guests, victims of scammers, and reflections on her former fight against drugs and human trafficking, she dissects the art and mechanisms of seduction. In Los Angeles, the first episode is being produced with guest Cecilie Fjellhoy, whose story of being taken for $200,000 by a con artist will be featured in the new Netflix film The Tinder scammer.

On Gossip Stone TV, Cecilie and Aliia will reveal details not seen on Netflix. They will also share tips on how to avoid being manipulated by others and many more secrets. Aliia Roza will reveal the secrets of Hollywood, city of tinsel, and its biggest celebrities in the next episodes.

Hypno Challenge – reality TV show produced by Marina Clark, features a competition between the brightest hypnotists and mentalists who complete various challenges that they must publicly complete to stay in the game. There can only be one winner and the pressure will be intense. Clark is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and founded the Strategic Mind University which provides training in hypnosis and mental acuity to professionals.

Gossip Stone TV co-founder and CEO Victoria Unikel said, “We don’t follow anyone’s formula. It’s about the synergy between producers who create original content.

Victoria has produced and directed major projects. Internationally recognized as a composer, actress, singer and producer, she used her experience to get into publishing and distribution. Always dreaming of the reach of television, she co-founded and directs 24TV fashion, an American television channel broadcasting fashion shows, red carpets and other events around the world. She co-founded VUGA companies media group, an entertainment producer that owns and operates more than 50 online publications with more than 3 million monthly unique visitors.

Gossip Stone TV is his main focus, along with his amazing friends and partners. Gene Avakyan, co-founder and partner, has worked in the private sector and federal and local government on projects worth $9 billion. Gene leads the company’s technical team. Company Creative Director, Talent Director and VFX Producer Henry Lipatov is known for creating music videos for Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Linkin Park, Fallout Boy and over 100 other top music videos featuring world famous artists. Airy Gold, with ten years of experience with FashionTV, Hublot, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and the Cannes Film Festival, develops and produces new runway concepts.

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