Urban One VP/Programming Colby Tyner talks about localized curated music and…

Colby Tyner loves local radio

Radio is unique, radio is important! What does broadcast radio and its digital platforms offer that DSPs don’t? Many!

The ability to speak directly to listeners at the local level is a key part of what makes radio special. When executed correctly, this is a huge and enviable list of attributes: free, live, local, featuring entertaining talent combined with local information surrounded by fun, and a well-curated list of favorite musical/spoken content based on community tastes.

I am delighted to be part of the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT. It is more crucial than ever for our industry to come together to embrace a new era of audio consumption.

One of the guest speakers at ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022URBAN ONE VP/Programming COLBY `COLB’ TYNER has a few key takeaways about the importance of radio to AFRICAN-AMERICAN communities and Urban/R&B stations in the 16 markets his company serves.

TYNER said: “I am delighted to be part of the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT. It is more crucial than ever for our industry to come together to embrace a new era of audio consumption.

COLBY will share how his company seeks one-to-one communications with the public to build connections and loyalty with their listeners who seek entertainment, information and companionship. You won’t want to miss what COLBY has to offer.

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The goal of the All Access Audio Summit 2022 is positive change

The objective of ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is to collect as many intelligent minds as possible. This includes creative thought leaders, real personalities, and decision makers armed with eye-opening research.

They will discuss the need for changes to pivot the arc of radio listening to be more in tune with today’s listeners and their expectations. Radio just isn’t so “convenient” to listen to anymore – and we all know that “convenience wins”.

We want to discuss meaningful ways to improve content and make radio more engaging and a real entertainment choice for 18-34 year olds.

We have well over 50 speakers lined up. Our speakers will greatly contribute to the conversation when we talk about:

• The growing importance of radio personalities

• Don’t leave audiences unaccounted for in the leaderboards – leaving dollars on the table

• New ways to sell sponsorships compared to 20 minutes per hour of spots

• Grab the radio seat at the music discovery table.

Watch where you want, when you want

Just like ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2021, the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is designed to make it easy to watch live as you go, or on-demand whenever you want on up to two devices for broadcast on APRIL 20-21, then on-demand whenever it suits you.

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See who’s speaking at All Access Audio Summit 2022

the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 features this incredible line-up of creative industry leaders ready to share their knowledge and ideas on how to reset radio for success – with more notable speakers coming soon!

Plan to join ALL ACCESS for this must-attend virtual event, ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022scheduled for 4/20 and 4/21/22, which provides the industry with a platform where we can creatively discuss the many elephants in the room – and effect real, positive change.

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