Two Golden Buzzer Acts Return As Live Shows Continue

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America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned Tuesday night for the second episode of live broadcasts. Eleven acts played, but only two will move on Wednesday night thanks to the American vote. This week, two acts of Golden Buzzer took the stage.

Voting is open until Wednesday at 7 a.m. ET. Fans can vote on AGT website or through the show’s app. The vote will determine which two acts will pass the qualifying round and go to the season 17 finale.

Two ‘AGT’ Golden Buzzers take the stage for the live show

During Tuesday’s show, two artists who received the Golden Buzzer during their auditions returned to the AGT stage to play for America’s vote. The first was Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, 12-year-old singer Madison Taylor Baez, or Maddie. She chose to sing “Higher Love”.

The production value of this performance was far greater than her audition, which she performed a cappella after host Terry Crews placed her in the audience for the judges to find out. Simon Cowell called it a “step forward”, although he admitted some moments weren’t up to par.

Later that night, country trio Chapel Hart took the stage. They shared before their performance that it would be cool to have two country artists in the final, since Drake Milligan was successful last week. For this week’s performance, the band performed another original song called “The Girls Are Back in Town”.

It was the perfect way to end the show, as the trio blew the roof off with their performance. The judges rose afterwards, with Cowell saying they “lit up the room.” Heidi Klum predicted they would make it to the finals with Drake.

Simon Cowell calls himself an idiot after Yu Hojin’s performance

Another returning act on Tuesday’s show was magician Yu Hojin, who failed to get a “yes” vote from Cowell during his audition. This time, he performed a fascinating routine in which he transformed various objects between his hands and made photos disappear.

The judges gave her a standing ovation, with Klum calling her “so elegant.” At first, Cowell said he thought he helped Yu improve by rejecting him after his first performance. He later admitted on live TV, “I’m officially an idiot.”

However, not all acts received a positive evaluation from the judge. Cowell buzzed comedian Mr. Pants, who delivered another punny stand-up routine. Cowell said he expected something different this time, prompting Sofia Vergara to remind him of the comic’s name.

He also wasn’t blown away by Freckled Zelda’s second performance. He told the singer he preferred her audition performance, saying he had a harder time hearing her this time because she got “lost in the production”.

Judges love the Drumline pack

Another highlight of Tuesday’s show came at the very start of the episode, when The Pack Drumline took the stage. They delivered an energetic performance that even included blindfolded drumming. The routine put the judges on their feet, with Vergara saying that was the way to open the show. Cowell then followed up Vergara’s comment by saying it’s “how you win a show”. He called it “a master class”.

Tuesday night’s show also featured a stellar performance by married couple Duo Rings, who hung in the air above the judges’ desk before Flor dropped Nico onto a mat to complete the routine. Cowell said that, along with The Pack Drumline, they had the best performance of the night so far.

To remember vote for your favorite acts to advance to the final. Wednesday night’s earnings show will feature a performance by alumni AGT magician Jon Dorenbos, as well as the announcement of which two acts will pass.

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