TVNZ’s HouseBroken, Neon’s Station Eleven Among Best Shows To Air This Christmas


Hailee Steinfeld and Katie Leung are among the vocal talents recruited for this nine-part animated series based on the long-running online game League of Legends.

It focuses on what happens when new inventions ignite tensions between two cities. In prosperous Piltover, Hextech democratizes magic, while in the underground community of Zaun, a drug can now turn humans into monsters.

“Even if you have no interest in buying some type of game console, do yourself a favor and donate Esoteric an essay ”, wrote Pastry Tara Bennett of the magazine. “It has a more mature storytelling and emotional resonance than a lot of live-action shows right now. And it deserves to be hailed as the new benchmark for what can be done when it comes to successfully translating video game universes worthy of another medium, while refusing to dull or simplify the storytelling. complex. Esoteric is a world worth getting lost in.


Who would have thought that a little over eight years later Remember the monsters? Indignant viewers around the world, would we watch the familiar face of Michael C. Hall sharpen the knives at the start of a new, supposedly unique 10-part series?

Returning showrunner Clyde Phillips (whose departure coincided with the show’s climax in 2009) cleverly eschews the show’s near-ubiquitous monologue, leaving us only to guess Dexter’s thoughts as he suppresses his most impulses. primitive. While newbies won’t think about it, those familiar with the series will find it both bewildering – and a masterstroke.

It’s also good to go back to the beginning of the dark, dark humor that initially marked Dexter. Delivered via a deadly deadpan by the Shining Hall, lines such as “I have a thing for blood” and “You are watching a guy where secrets go to die” really resonate and are sure to be a laughing stock.

While things might still take the shape of a pear, Dexter: new blood has certainly started off in a more than promising way. While he didn’t try, perhaps cleverly, to erase his turbulent past, it won’t take long to forget the bad times, if the plot and quality of the first episodes continues.

Station Eleven, HouseBroken and The Sex Lives of College Girls are among the new shows available to stream this festive weekend.


Station Eleven, HouseBroken and The Sex Lives of College Girls are among the new shows available to stream this festive weekend.

* Marvel’s No Way Home, Netflix’s Don’t Look Up among the must-see movies of December
* Disney’s Boba Fett, the sequel to Netflix’s Neon’s Sex, Witcher among December’s must-see TV shows
* The Teacher: Even Sheridan Smith Can’t Save TVNZ’s Latest British Thriller
* The Beatles: Get Back: Sir Peter Jackson’s stunning doco captures the last days of Fab 4

Elle Fanning stars in The Great.


Elle Fanning stars in The Great.


An “anti-historical” look at the disastrous marriage and the crippling fallout from the growing enmity between Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) and the woman who would become Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning) had on their beloved Russia , this outrageous comedy (now in its second season) is filled with hilarious characters, scathing lines and gorgeous costumes.

We’re joining the action four months after Catherine’s attempted coup to replace her husband on the throne. Progress has been slow. Now somewhere “between boredom and rage”, the heavily pregnant Empress has managed to lock Peter and his followers into a small part of the palace.

Based on his own 2008 play, showrunner Tony McNamara’s creation continues to be a perfectly pitched satire, filled with witty witticisms and featuring two terrific performances by Hoult and Fanning.


After Julianna Margulies last tackled Ebola, the second season of this anthology drama from National Geographic shifts the action to 2001, when, immediately after September 11, various media and political offices received letters. containing the deadly bacteria. Five people died and 17 others were infected.

Tony Goldwyn, Daniel Dae Kim and Dylan Baker star in this six-part dramatization, which follows the FBI’s desperate and extensive hunt for the perpetrator.

“The hot zone: anthrax is easy to inhale, ”wrote Pastry Katherine Smith of the magazine. “It’s nothing that will revolutionize its medium or advance its genre, but revisiting this story highlights the present. As we remain masked, careful with what we breathe, this season adds to the imagination. What floats around us, what floats in us, everything converges. After all, what captures the unique American neuroses more than Amerithrax himself? “

TVNZ on demand

HouseBroken is now available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand.


Lisa Kudrow, Tony Hale, Will Forte, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and Sharon Horgan are the incredibly talented voice cast of this 10-part animated series about a dog that hosts group therapy sessions to help neighborhood animals manage the neuroses caused by their owners – and between them.

“These actors are precise enough to make the characterizations more three-dimensional than they appear at first glance,” wrote Varieties Caroline Framke. Somewhere else, CBR Josh Bell thought that “simple and discreet jokes make Familiar a relaxed and undemanding watch, with a clear and luminous animation ”.


Like the very shiny Kiwi-shot Sweet tooth, this 10-part sci-fi saga is based on an already popular literary source (here it is the novel of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel in 2014) and its fractured narrative oscillates between accumulation and causes of the epidemic and the struggles that the remains of humanity face in its wake.

The cast includes Mackenzie Davis, Himesh Patel and Lori Petty.

With as much emphasis on the characters and emotional drama as it is on the sci-fi elements, Eleven station is a show it’s easy to get addicted to and hard not to bemoan the seemingly long wait for the next episodes.


The Sex Lives of College Girls is now streaming on Neon and SkyGo.


Forget the return of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, these are the free-spirited women you should spend late 2021 hanging out with.

Combined spirits that brought us The Mindy project and Brooklyn nine-nine – Justin Noble and Mindy Kaling – comes this hilarious 10-part comedy about a disparate early years quartet at Essex College in Vermont.

While we’re not quite talking Young people-level of anarchy and madness, this is an American campus comedy that’s not afraid to push the boundaries and present its characters as imperfect, but three-dimensional.

And yes, there will inevitably be comparisons between that and Lena Dunham’s. Girls, but it plays lighter and more Middle American than New York chic and cynicism.


The second season of this mega-popular fantasy series picks up the action after the Battle of Sodden.

Convinced that Yennefer’s life has been lost there, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) takes Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) to the safest place he knows, his childhood home in Kare Morhen. As the kings, elves, humans and demons of the continent fight for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the maiden from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses within her. inside.

“Season 2 is absolutely action-packed as well as essential world-building that adds up to a spectacle that is, again, incredibly fun to watch and easy to immerse in,” said writing Pastry Allison Keene of the magazine.

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