Top Netflix movies and shows: what are the trends for July 24, 2022?

There has certainly been no shortage of content on the Netflix Top 10 lists this weekend. When it comes to movies, for example, there’s an action thriller The gray manwhich features Chris Evans’ villain that will appeal to critics. Those who prefer a small-screen title can take the likes of resident Evil and The Umbrella Academy. Today, unsurprisingly, there has been some upheaval, as some issue productions have shifted positions. I’m sure you can’t wait to find out what’s up (and what’s up, I guess), so let’s talk.

Anne Elliot has jam on her face in Persuasion.

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – July 23, 2022

The gray man managed to maintain its position at No. 1 on the movie trending list, and it’s not too surprising. The film has notable directors Joe and Anthony Russo at the helm, along with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and more. If people keep their eyes on this production, there might be a sequel (and the the ending certainly laid the foundation for Gosling’s court nobility). Second place still belongs to Sing 2and the third remains in the hands of the animated film The beast from the sea. Netflix adaptation of Jane Austen Persuasion did not move either and therefore continues its passage in fourth place. There was a change to fifth though, as Chris Hemsworth-front 12 Strong won a seat.

Sixth place welcomed a new addition to the roster, Ouma. Sandra Oh’s Horror Film Shows Viewers the New Face of Fear (You might want to check your scare threshold before jumping in.) Action comedy The man from Toronto is, for the second consecutive day, in 7th place. John Travolta paint trade didn’t move either and is still in eighth place. Ninth welcomed FRIESwho dipped four points. The girl in the photowhich borders the best true crime documentaries on netflixcloses the ranking at No. 10.

  • 1. The Gray Man
  • 2. Sing 2
  • 3. Sea Beast
  • 4. Persuasion
  • 5. 12 Strong
  • 6. Ouma
  • 7. The Toronto Man
  • 8. Trade in paint
  • 9. CHIPS
  • 10. The girl in the photo

mel and jack kiss outside on the virgin river season 4

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Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix in the US – July 23, 2022

Fans were thrilled to Virgin River Season 4, and that hype arguably helped keep it in the top spot. With this, the drama series managed to keep stranger things and resident Evil in second and third respectively. Onlythe reality show hasn’t budged either and is still in fourth place. Albaa streamer original, however, gained a spot to land fifth.

Due to Albaarrived, All Americans: Homecoming was pushed ever so slightly to the sixth slot. Souffléwho occupied eighth place yesterday, is now n°7. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceousas a result, was moved back to No. 8. Amidst these changes, Married at first sight and The Umbrella Academy are still in line for ninth and tenth place, respectively.

  • 1. Virgin River
  • 2. Stranger Things
  • 3.Resident Evil
  • 4. Alone
  • 5. Alba
  • 6. All Americans: Homecoming
  • 7. Soufflé
  • 8. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous
  • 9. Married at First Sight
  • 10. The Umbrella Academy

Overall, I’d say the rankings have remained fairly stable, apart from a few changes here and there. I’m quite curious how long the reigning No. 1 titles can maintain their position on their respective lists. We’ll see what the coming week has in store for us, and don’t forget to get yourself a Netflix subscription if you are looking to watch these movies and tv shows.

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