TM Revolution Shows Its Belly In New Ad – Interest

Takanori Nishikawaalso known as the singer Revolution TMtakes center stage in the game’s new smartphone ad, Touhou Arcadia Record. In the ad, the 51-year-old plays popular Touhou character Reimu Hakurei and sports his impressive belly in the process.

The 30-second commercial features Nishikawa as a high school student sleeping in class. But when his teacher discovers him sleeping and throws a piece of chalk at him, he wakes up and takes off his uniform to reveal that he is actually Reimu Hakurei – and continues to easily dodge all the chalk thrown at him. Unfortunately, in the end it all turns out to be a dream as a piece of chalk hits him on the head, waking him up.

In the making-of commercial, Nishikawa shares his thoughts on the costume. “The real Reimei Hakurei[‘s costume] is also very revealing, so I was aware of my midsection. Throughout the year, I generally try to keep myself in 70%-80% of the state I would be in before a bodybuilder competition, so this was just a minor adjustment. But on the day of shooting, I didn’t eat solid foods and reduced the amount of water I consumed. [to better show off my muscles].”

However, despite the confidence he has shown in his appearance, is slightly worried about how fans will react to his disguise. “Reimu Hakurei is a character that can be used for free on the Internet and has been loved by many people since the dawn of SNS. So I apologize to his fans and worry if they will be fine. (laughs)”

So far, the reaction from Japanese fans seems quite positive, so it seems like he was worrying for nothing.

Source: Mantan Web

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