The 15 Most Anticipated Shows and Movies of February 2022

We are heading towards a referendum on Sebastian Stan. The “Falcon & Winter Soldier” actor has been a beloved personality and reliable MCU cog for a decade now, quietly making Bucky Barnes more nuanced all the time. But despite his bona fides on Broadway, Stan has largely lacked theatrical influence. Her performance in “I, Tonya” is mostly undisputed. “The Devil All the Time” and “We’ve Always Lived in the Castle”, which Stan is excellent at, are almost forgotten. What could move the needle?

2022, apparently. Stan is already creating buzz for his work on Sundance’s “Fresh.” And then there’s “Pam & Tommy,” which not only features the actor as Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, but reunites him with his “I, Tonya” director Craig Gillespie, sports a stunning trailer, and puts also stars Jason Mantzoukas as Tommy in Lee’s Penis (No, that’s not a misprint; no, I can’t believe I wrote it either). There’s no doubt “Pam & Tommy” will fade from memory just as quickly as some of Stan’s other non-MCU efforts, and if Lily James channels Pamela Anderson as seamlessly as first looks indicate, this show could to be an icy stunner. We Stan.

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