The 10 Best Movies and Shows on Netflix Today: August 15, 2022

Here are the ten best movies and TV shows on Netflix
in the United States for August 14, 2022. Every day I will update this list and watch for trends that change from day to day, week to week.

August 15: Top 10 movies on Netflix

  1. day shift
  2. Unexplored
  3. purple hearts
  4. The informant
  5. Flight
  6. Sing 2
  7. The good ones
  8. The gray man
  9. wedding season
  10. Code name: Emperor

No surprises at the top here. day shift was virtually guaranteed a perfect opening week. As a vampire slayer movie starring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco without competition, day shift easily captured the top spot with its first three days on Netflix. And looking at what’s new this week, I’d be surprised if another movie is able to stop. day shift to have a perfect week. The only possible contender before Friday would be Lili Reinhart’s film Look both ways.

The rest of the list has hardly changed since yesterday. Unexplored and purple hearts still occupy the second and third places, the former completing its tenth consecutive day on the charts and the latter landing its 17th consecutive day.

Meanwhile, Sing 2 dropped to sixth place, but still extended his incredible Top 10 streak to 54 days – the fifth-best streak of all time. In three days, Sing 2 could pass the grinchand in five days it can pass Long live. After that, Sing 2 will have to stay on the charts for a total of 64 days to beat The Mitchells vs. the Machines and 67 days to beat We can be heroes in order to claim the longest streak of all time.

The only newcomer today is Code name: Emperor in tenth place.

Among the films not yet mentioned, the longest sequences belong to The gray man (24 days), The informant (eight days), wedding season (11 days), Flight (eight days), and The good ones (six days).

Adaline’s age was knocked out of the Top 10 after a 13-day streak.

August 15: Top 10 shows on Netflix

  1. I have never
  2. The sand man
  3. I just killed my father
  4. locke and key
  5. stranger things
  6. Instant dream house
  7. Virgin River
  8. Indian Matchmaking
  9. Riverdale
  10. Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

I have never made a clean sweep this weekend, finally removing The sand man from the No. 1 spot last Friday and continuing through the weekend. The show is trying to capture its very first perfect week. I have never came close in 2020 with a six-day streak. And last year, the show spent just one day at the top spot. So 2022 might just be the show’s best year yet.

The sand man continued his run to third place, taking his total Top 10 appearances to ten days. The show was easily the most-watched program on Netflix last week with 69,480,000 total subscriber viewing hours.

Meanwhile, stranger things continued his legendary run in the Top 10, taking his unmatched streak to 83 days. The previous record belonged to The Queen’s Bet at 78 days—then stranger things breaks this record and more. For memory, stranger things also spent more time than anyone else in the top spot with 42 performances.

The show with the second highest number of first places? It would be Virgin River with 35 appearances. The show also just became the fifth adult program to reach 100 days on the charts.

But at the same time stranger things retained its intermediate position, it seems that Virgin River is coming out. After 23 days on the charts and ten top spots in 2022, Virgin River fell to seventh place, easily his lowest place to date. Last year, Virgin River didn’t sink that far until 30 days into its run.

The rest of the list is pretty familiar. The longest series of emissions not yet mentioned belong to I just killed my father (eight days), Riverdale (seven days), locke and key (five days), and Indian Matchmaking (five days).

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 is back in the Top 10 today after a four-day absence. This brings the total number of appearances for the documentary this year to nine days.

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