The 10 Best Movies and Shows on Netflix: July 10, 2022

Here are the ten best movies and TV shows on Netflix

in the United States for July 10, 2022. Every day, I will update this list and watch for trends that change from day to day, week to week.

Top 10 movies on Netflix

  1. The girl in the photo
  2. The beast from the sea
  3. Sing 2
  4. The man from Toronto
  5. mean girls
  6. Sought
  7. The dark knight rises
  8. Leave no trace
  9. Grandpa
  10. Final score

Today, The girl in the photo maintains his impressive streak at the top spot. While it’s normal for true crime documentaries to do well on Netflix, it’s surprising to beat Netflix’s latest animated project The beast from the sea for the second consecutive day. There probably won’t be another film that challenges The girl in the photo until Friday when the two Persuasion (a period piece with Dakota Johnson) and Unexplored (a 2022 adventure movie starring Tom Holland) has hit the streaming service.

Although the two animated films are dominating Netflix right now, The beast from the sea and Sing 2fired. The beast from the sea moved up one spot after its eye-catching third-place debut, overtaking Sing 2. It’s the first time that Sing 2 has held neither the #1 nor #2 position since its June 22 premiere on Netflix.

Meanwhile, The man from Toronto slipped from fifth place – its lowest position to date – to fourth place, held by mean girls yesterday. It’s 16 consecutive days for the action/comedy starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, while mean girls landed its sixth consecutive performance.

Elsewhere, there are no other newcomers. This marks 12 appearances for The dark knight risesseven for Final scorefive for Leave no tracefour for Soughtand three for Grandpa.

Top 10 shows on Netflix

  1. stranger things
  2. Only
  3. The Umbrella Academy
  4. the flash
  5. Boo, bitch
  6. The longest night
  7. The UnXplained with William Shatner
  8. all american
  9. The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch
  10. Lincoln’s lawyer

stranger things continued its complete and utter domination of the Top 10, propelling a run matched only by squid game. The fourth season of the sci-fi series has now spent 49 consecutive days in the Top 10, and 41 of them held the top spot. His current No. 1 streak sits at 10 days.

The only show that disturbed stranger thingsThe reign of the first place was the third season of The Umbrella Academy, which fell to its lowest position since its debut on June 22. This marks 18 consecutive appearances for the action series, eight of which have gone to No. 1. The show hopes to top its 2020 performance when it landed in the Top 10 for 43 consecutive days.

The Umbrella Academy was overtaken by the competition show Onlywhich reached its highest position after six days on the charts. Only has a much better performance than in 2021, when it spent 11 days in the Top 10 and only reached fifth place.

The only newcomer to the Top 10 is The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch at position #9. Lincoln’s lawyer didn’t make the list yesterday, but has been in the Top 10 since its debut.

The other big news is that all american marked his 40th straight day in the Top 10. Meanwhile, The unexplained landed his 15th consecutive appearance and Legacy fell off the charts after 15 consecutive showings.

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