T20 World Cup 2022: Suryakumar Yadav’s Perth classic leads the way for India

Perth is one of the fastest courses on Earth. The ball bounces and flies off the hard surface. This is why wicket keepers and slips stand deep. Throat lumps and chin music are common. Earlier on Sunday, Pakistan’s Haris Rauf smashed a short ball into the grid of the helmet of Zimbabwe Bas de Leede, who suffered a concussion and was substituted.

That didn’t stop Rohit Sharma from opting to beat South Africa, who launched a four-man attack. The ball bounced and moved. The Indians were in big trouble as they fell to 49/5 in ninth place. Yadav, who came into the power play, was unperturbed even as the wickets fell around him against the pace and fury of Lungi Ngidi.

In the company of Dinesh Karthik, Yadav played bold shots: a tennis forehand shot by Kagiso Rabada was the best. It was almost as if Yadav was playing on a different tape. They call Karthik India’s best finisher but he couldn’t put the bat on the ball. And yet, Yadav defied the limits and the sixes.

The innings provided absolute proof of Yadav’s skill. He had worked his way through the crowded Indian batting line-up with a number of game-changing innings for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. His classy moves in international cricket raised the question: where was Yadav all these days?

Most of that brilliance was on the subcontinental grounds and in the United Arab Emirates. So the big question was: will it survive on Australia’s bouncy fields? His back foot play and ability to play the ball late suggested he would thrive Down Under. Yadav answered the question by saying he likes to play on bouncy courts and the rebound suits his game. Those words sounded like bravado until the Perth classic.

A hallmark of Yadav’s sleeves has been his ability to play shots regardless of the situation. It does not take time to install. Instead, he goes on the offensive as soon as he arrives. Yadav admits he trains for such situations. He simulates such situations during training and works on it.

All those sessions seemed to have paid off. He sets stadiums on fire wherever he goes. For Suryakumar Yadav, SKY is the limit.

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