Swiss-based artist Minoo shows his support for healthcare teams at local hospitals by putting together a special gift package called ‘Serenity’, Business News

The artist sent a mini art series of his paintings, along with an original poem and a box of chocolates to the four largest hospitals in Switzerland in recognition of their efforts on the front lines of the fight against COVID

Swiss-American artist Minoo has expressed his support and gratitude to healthcare workers who are putting in the hours on the front lines in the fight against COVID. In a recent gesture widely appreciated by all recipients, the abstract painting specialist has put together a mini-art series of her paintings, in special packaging which she has titled “Serenity” and sent to the care teams of the four most large hospitals in Switzerland.

The package contained 1 original painting, an original poem and a box of chocolates, and was sent to the directors of care at each hospital – including the University Hospitals of Geneva, Zurich, Bern and Lausanne.

Speaking about the reason for the gesture, Minoo revealed that she wanted to show her support for the hospital staff and let them know that their efforts and sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

“I have several friends who work in the medical field and they tell me how tired and disillusioned their colleagues are. The pandemic has been going on for so long that healthcare teams are stretched to the limit, and I wanted to show them that their efforts are not forgotten. »

About two years ago, at the onset of the CoronaVirus, hospital staff and medical personnel became society’s main line of defense against the raging pandemic. The whole world came together, standing on balconies and applauding hospital staff every night, singing songs, banging pots and pans for support, also making support videos and praising them on social networks.

However, the situation is a little different today. Even though covid cases are reaching new heights and hospital intensive care units are approaching full capacity – again, public response is at an all time low. Many people are growing increasingly frustrated with the new reality of face masks and social distancing laws. Not much attention is being paid to healthcare workers who, unlike most people, have to sort through their personal lives, deal with the social and economic hardships caused by the pandemic and report to work every day to meet viruses face to face.

Minoo revealed that through her friends and contacts in the healthcare industry, she was able to gain unique insight into the struggles and frustration experienced by healthcare teams around the world. The artist has long been involved in creative charitable projects in hospitals to help patients battling cancer find carefree moments during their treatment.

The hospitals that received the packages all expressed their gratitude and appreciation for this kind gesture. The chocolates were shared with all staff present, while management promised the paintings would be hung in a special place for all staff to see. The University Hospital of Lausanne, in particular, was so delighted that they included the project in their latest newsletter and sent it to all staff, which in turn created even more positive feedback from the share of people initially not addressed.

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