Spotlight: Point Blank Tutorial – Creative Reverb Techniques in Ableton Live

In this tutorial, Point Blank course content developer Chris Martin demonstrates some essential techniques for resampling reverb in Ableton Live.

This technique is perfect for creating sharper, more exciting transitions between phrases in your song, as well as adding creative changes along the way. This video is taken from one of Point Blank’s music production and sound engineering modules, Creative Audio and Remix. Learn more about their music production and sound engineering courses here.

During the video, Chris demonstrates a simple way to edit reverb tails by creating a separate audio track to resample the channel. In this case, he concentrates on the melody from which he wants to remove the reverb tail. Once the melody is recorded, Chris demonstrates how you can simply modify the tail by removing the end of the loop before demonstrating other techniques you can use such as inverting the tail to create a riser as well as modifications interesting all along the track.

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