Six Shows That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

From singing and caring for houseplants to cold showers, these 20 short episodes offer plenty of ideas for a new activity to try out over the weeks and months to come. Mosley chats with an expert in the science behind, for example, spending more time outdoors – it can help with levels of the stress hormone cortisol – before a “guinea pig” explains how they got it. continued the activity. If nothing else, this is an informative lesson, but ideally it will lead to at least new life.

You are wrong ; Honestly with Bari Weiss

Two long-running US shows that cover topics you may have heard about in the news but haven’t fully followed. The former is perhaps more fun, seeking to examine topics such as political correctness and “the real reason” behind Tipper Gore vs Heavy Metal, which led to the parental guidance stickers on CDs. The latter is more focused / serious, discussing the “Media Verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse,” for example, although a recent interview with Kim Kardashian is intriguing.

The art of being well

Author and expert in functional medicine, Dr Will Cole offers this “manifesto for a new breed of people in search of health”. He hosts hour-long talks with various experts in their field, discussing aromatherapy, anxiety (a discussion with Dr Caroline Leaf is particularly enlightening), alternatives to Botox and medicinal mushrooms, among a myriad. of subjects. There are some 60 episodes – it didn’t start until last January – with a lot of food for thought.

You will do it

Created on lockdown last year, comedians and real couple Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth want to know what makes relationships work. Each of the 12 episodes focuses on a particular topic – living together, parenthood, body image, and single life – with guests including comedian Joe Lycett and reality TV star Vicki Pattison.

Pretty smart

Danielle Robay is looking to give “beauty a new twist” with this women-focused show that features big ideas. It’s a lifestyle and self-help podcast – episode titles include “Be the Rich Man Your Parents Told You to Get Married” and “How to Increase Your Personal Worth and Net Worth” – which features interesting people, such as Lindsay Peoples Wagner, who talks about the fashion industry, and Maria Shriver, a former first lady of California.

9 to 5 with The Skimm

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg have offered to help you get the most out of your career. Again, take your pick from the over 200 episodes so far: Taking tough comments, building your personal brand, and knowing your worth are all recent topics you can relate to when considering your career goals in 2022.

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