Secret techniques to improve political campaigning on social media – by Shivam Bansal

“PM Modi’s Man of the Moment Tweet Leads to Landslide Victory!” “World leaders congratulate the Prime Minister on winning hearts and ushering in another glorious era!”

Do these messages sound unfamiliar to you? You may have seen them on your social media handles; if not, at least heard about them from a friend or colleague.

It is the power and influence of social media on political campaigns, which, when carefully considered, has the ability to swing votes. Your social media marketing can go a long way in expanding your party’s reach and creating a huge network of new supporters.

Therefore, Shivam Bansal, co-host of state social media, BJP Chandigarh, is here to share my experience and deliver some of the lesser-known techniques to sway public opinion in your favour:

1. Develop a strategy for your content calendar: Content is the ultimate king!

This is even more true for political campaigns, a fortiori elections, which are nothing less than a gamble, leading to sleepless nights and unparalleled anguish from which no elected official can escape.

That’s why you need to up your content calendar game and spice it up with interesting themes, podcasts, videos, high-quality images, and more, all leading to a unified experience.

Make your posts engaging and impactful, with real information, of course!

2. Make paid media your best friend: Similar to what was done in the 2019 elections, Lok Sabha, who deserved a standing ovation for spending a whopping Rs 20 cr. On Facebook!

Building on this campaign and investing in paid media is of utmost importance. This marketing tactic can work wonders for you and your party as it helps create instant engagement.

Also, remember to vary your content across different social media platforms to create utility.

3. Develop a great marketing strategy: If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your political campaigns, digital marketing is the key to your success. How? Let me explain.

Digital marketing helps representatives write down their thoughts and express their opinions, which is perhaps the most important part of getting politicians to engage with voters and non-voters.

Factual, strategic, and viable information, when marketed and published on the right platform, can help build trust, loyalty, and everything a candidate wants to accomplish.

4. Decide on your goals and timelines: KPIs, timelines, vision and mission – pretty obvious terms, right? But how is your campaign affected? If you’re wondering about it, candidates and their ability to vote correlate with the performance of their digital marketing strategy. And these key terms help measure the success of your political campaigns. That answers your question, doesn’t it?

Another benefit of having well-defined goals and timelines is that they help build a solid strategy and focus on its strengths.

So why not optimize one yourself?

This is how you can succeed in your next political campaign. Integrate these four techniques and plan your approach 1 year before the election to win the hearts and votes of the people. Because remember, marketing is the need of the hour no matter where you use it and how you use it.

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