Sales promotion techniques to increase your customer visits

Why Use Sales Promotions

Whether your business is service or retail, online or physical, keeping your customers coming back and being loyal is usually more profitable than attracting new ones. If people already know and trust your products or services, they’ll probably feel comfortable spending their hard-earned money with you. The problem is that in noisy and crowded markets, making your voice heard can sometimes be quite difficult. This is especially true if you have an online business and the customer originally came through a third-party platform like eBay or Etsy for example. Sometimes it’s hard for customers to remember exactly where they bought that special item from. They just go to Google for similar information and there is a danger they end up on your competitor’s site or store.

Sales promotion has been around for a long time and is a proven marketing technique. Remember that what you do should add value to your brand and unless you are a discounter it is good to consider options for engaging customers that are not just about money , which can devalue your image.

Value Added Promotions

Promotions come in many shapes and sizes. You can offer customers something extra when they spend over a certain amount, it could be free shipping or an additional product or service. You might consider offering customers a small chance to win something big, with the incentive being that the more often they come, the higher their chances of winning.


No matter which mechanic you employ, what matters is that your customers know there is activity in your business. It is essential that you have direct communication with your existing customers. The easiest way to do this is to collect their email address at the point of purchase and ensure that you have them sign up to hear from you in the future. Once you have their permission, you can send them regular communications letting them know what’s going on and get them to come right back to you and not be distracted elsewhere. Making sure you have a good social media presence is also essential and it’s an easy way to make sure your offer stays fresh and exciting.

Keep your offer fresh

So, just as you bring new products and services, you need to make sure your potential customers know what you offer. You can do this by posting regular updates containing photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (or whatever social media you use). You can use your email marketing list to let your registered customers know about your latest news.

A very good example of this is the operation of online gambling sites. Essentially, you might think that a virtual slot machine is just that. However, players love variety and new content, so platforms are constantly creating new games and themes. They inform their customers of the best new slot machines and offer them bonus codes to try out the gameplay. Essentially, the idea is to make your site or premises “sticky” by ensuring people come back and hang out with you.

loyalty pays

Another great technique is to create a loyalty program. It can be as complicated or simple as you want. A major supermarket can do this digitally when you spend at checkout, but it can be as simple as a rubber stamp on a trading card that fits in someone’s wallet. the fashion industry has mastered the art of reinventing itself and keeping you coming back for more. If you have an online store, you ask your web developer to create a point system.

Lucy and Yak have a great scheme for their customers. You earn loyalty points when you shop, but you can also get bonus points by joining an email list, liking them on Instagram, or referring a friend. By feeling part of their community, you are rewarded with a voucher that can only be redeemed on their website.

Sales promotion is all about building relationships and getting more traction with your customer base. It should still look like a win-win situation if your post is correct. A mistake that many companies make is that they focus all their efforts on attracting new customers and forget about their existing customers. The most successful businesses make sure their customers feel special. It can be as simple as sending a special offer on someone’s birthday or gifting something that is personal to them.

Make discount promotions work for you

There is a time and a place for discount promotions, but it’s important to consider that if you continually offer discounts, customers may be reluctant to pay full price. They will always wait for the next email offering them x% off their purchase. It is of course possible to make exclusive offers on particular products that you want to push rather than a general discount on the whole basket. You may want to partner with one of the big online aggregators such as Honey Gold so that your offers are seen by people who subscribe to that service. This is a browser extension that constantly searches the internet for the best deals available and applies the discounts when the shopper clicks through their shopping cart. This could be a fantastic opportunity if you want to promote a slow line or a new product or service. However, there is a risk that you are offering a discount to a customer who was going to pay full price and just came across the coupon code. As long as you have budgeted enough for it, this may not be a problem as it can leave the customer with a warm feeling when they get an unexpected discount.

The law and the code of conduct

If you offer promotional offers, be sure to follow the laws and codes of practice of the country or territory in which you operate. You will need to ensure that you clearly state the terms and conditions of your promotion. Don’t forget to print an open and close date as well as any restrictions on the offer (for example, only one voucher can be used with each purchase, or the discount only applies to a certain spend ). You can find a summary of what to include by visiting an industry site such as the SAA. Remember that any promotion must include the name and address of the promoter

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