Robert Pattinson studied bat fighting techniques to prepare for the Batman

In the interview with Kimmel, Pattinson says:

“There’s one thing I said to Matt [Reeves, the director]because I was talking to Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catwoman, she’s great, and she was saying, to see how she moves and everything, she watches these videos, big cat videos, and how big cats fight and everything.

So I watched how a bat fights and there was this video on “Planet Earth” of a vampire bat’s technique with a chicken in a cage and how it fights the chicken. He thrashes around the cage for about an hour, just banging on the cage until the chicken has been scared for so long it falls asleep. And then the bat sneaks into the cage and bites her in the anus. I said that to Matt Reeves, and he was like, “I have an idea. “”

So we’re gonna get the ass-biting bat cut, right? Here’s the video he’s talking about, by the way.

Oh RPatz, strange man. You are also an absolute joy. Is it strange that I keep thinking of Bruce Wayne bat videos on Google to wind down after a long day at work? Can’t you see him sitting in the Batcave, finishing his work for the night and watching orphaned baby bats wrapped up like tiny burritos with blooming pacifiers, then putting them out because they make him sad?

I clearly wrote too many stories about “The Batman” today.

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