Prodigious techniques and personal work: Lil Silva took a creative and spiritual journey – Features

Lil Silva’s goal is to continue using his tools, and to acquire more of them, to increase his creativity and take each new project to the next level. It’s a question of growth, on a personal and creative level. You can hear her throughout the album, a conscious and confident step into new territory encouraged by her personal growth and reconnection with her roots. It’s centered, balanced and vulnerable, embodying a level of humanity and emotion never seen in his music before. “I wanted to connect everything and make sure it connects the moment you felt that shit for your chakra. I keep referring to this, but it’s a pretty good analogy, you have to feel this for your chakras,” he concludes. The ancient system, which originated in Hindu culture, relates to specific energy centers in the body, flowing up from the pelvic region, through the gut, heart, throat, third eye and to the above the head. Lil Silva’s triumphant album will undoubtedly hit all seven chakras, as expected, thanks to its honesty, truth and sincerity. As he continues to invest in his personal and creative growth, he is certain to develop a stronger connection with his higher self and with the hearts, minds and souls of his listeners. If “Yesterday Is Heavy” then, with the work he does, tomorrow is bound to be buoyant.

Lil Silva releases his debut album “Yesterday Is Heavy” on July 15 via Nowhere Music, pre-order it here

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