Premier League: Survey shows clubs with most annoying fans on social media

The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world.

No matter who you speak to, wherever you are in the world, everyone has heard of it and in the majority of cases they will no doubt have an affinity with one of the 20 teams in the illustrious competition.

Every week, the world’s greatest footballers take to the stage to play in front of gigantic stadiums filled to the brim with cheering fans.

But away from the terraces, every fan loves to analyze the game and wonder if their manager pulled off the right tactic before dishing out the jokes to rival fans.

And that joke can sometimes be wild.

Especially since the rise of social media, where football fans are now more easily able to share their opinions via Twitter and Facebook, some fan groups may have become more vocal than others.

On that note, the betting company Online game have conducted a survey to determine which Premier League football club has the most annoying fans on social media.

Collecting their data from 2,000 supporters of clubs playing in the English top flight, they ranked each team according to the proportion of votes received by their fan base.

And there are several big clubs sitting at the top of the table.

Take a look at the results below.

Which Premier League football club has the most annoying fans on social media?

10. West Ham- 2.4%

9. Brighton – 2.4%

8. Villa Aston – 3.7%

7. Leeds United- 3.8%

6. Tottenham Hotspur – 5.1%

5. Manchester City – 8.0%

4.Chelsea – 9.5%

3. Manchester United – 15.4%

2. Arsenal – 19.6%

1.Liverpool – 19.9%

Can you spot your team in there?

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It’s no surprise to see four of the biggest and most successful football clubs in the League, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea top the junk table.

These are four of the biggest sports brands in the world, and seeing as they can attract such a large fan base on social media, it’s understandable why many might be frustrated with their fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Manchester United supporters

Interestingly, at the bottom of the list is West Ham, which is another of the biggest clubs in English football, but is dominated by Brighton who were promoted to the Premier League in 2017 and interestingly got 2 .4% of the votes.

Leeds and Spurs follow next, with 3.8% and 5.1% of the survey believing these fans are the most annoying on social media, while Manchester City round out the top five with 8.0% of supporters voting for them.

Rivals Manchester United complete the top three with 15.4 per cent agreeing that the Old Trafford faithful are among the most annoying supporters on the internet.

Manchester City supporters

And at the top of the table, Liverpool and Arsenal are separated by a measly 0.2% of the vote, with the 2019 Premier League champions just ahead of north London side.

But interestingly, that’s not the only ranking that Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United topped, with Online Gambling also reporting that these clubs were voted the three most hated teams in the League.

Do whatever you want with it…

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