Philly’s “Dope Shows” Birthday Bash is more than music

Philly born and bred, Stephen Piner and Jamir Shaw are vintage Bernard Hopkins one-two punch. The two men practically sat down with the Black Wall Street Times to exclusively chat about their upcoming 5-year anniversary and more.

Co-founders of dope showsin just a few years, they filled a void that seemingly lasted a lifetime.

Prior to its founding in 2017, Jamir mentioned the lack of “star power coming into the city consistently”. Not only a former school dean, but also a party planner, Jamir knew a thing or two about having a good time in an orderly fashion.

According to them site“Dope Shows is a boutique-style concert promotion agency that provides an authentic immersive environment within urban culture.” As crusaders against all things basic, Stephen and Jamir knew they had to do Dope Shows Actually drug. In his former role as a party promoter, Jamir recalled the difficulty of getting people to a special event unless a big name is attached.

Still, something tells me that “big names” aren’t a problem for Dope Shows.

Gunna. Lil Durk. GHerbo. Little baby.

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These stars will be performing at the Dope Shows 5th Annual Birthday Bash at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, April 3, 2022. And you never know who else might be coming.

Some might consider their rise to be meteoric, but according to former banking and real estate veteran Stephen, that was the plan all along. “It’s definitely a big problem. We appreciate the community support. We look forward to having him every year and bringing in the best talent we can every year.

Dope Shows’ mission is to create fun, unique and one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences while building lasting relationships with customers. They achieve this partly organically by providing opportunities for local emerging talent to open up to established headliners at their Birthday Bash.

Great minds think alike

The collaboration for the duo is huge. Often relying on each other’s expertise and insight, they recognize the importance of building Dope Shows together and admit that it might not have happened without the two of them. Stephen mentioned, “When you’re trying to grow something bigger than yourself, collaborative efforts are important to growing the business. It’s a plus.”

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Their collaboration goes beyond the concert stage. Jamir and Stephen also visit local schools in Philadelphia to be the example they have rarely been given. Stephen recalled a story from his youth of seeing Jay-Z perform at TLA. It’s a memory he will always cherish and he wants the children of Philadelphia today to have the same connection to their favorite artists.

When asked how they got there, Stephen insisted, “Hold your head down and get the job done every day. He continued, “We were ready to work daily, success comes with that. To be present. Present in hip hop culture and if we stuck with it, we knew something would come out of it.

Jamir reiterated that their mentality has always been to reach people. Whether it’s traveling, providing showcase opportunities for artists, or speaking to the next generation, dope shows is based in Philadelphia but focused on the world. So much so that Jamir and Stephen announced that they would soon be launching their own music label, Doping records. With years of established industry relationships and a proven track record of knowing what people want, the future couldn’t be more dope.

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Tickets for the next Birthday Bash can be purchased here.

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