Opinion: Lorde’s Glastonbury look shows her fashion and beauty evolution

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Lorde says “f*** the Supreme Court” on stage at Glastonbury. Video / BBC


Dan Ahwa, Creative and Fashion Director of Viva:

Going from one extreme to another isn’t always easy, especially with hair color, so hair maestro Cameron Rains has done a great job here. Collaborating with Ella for Viva as the inaugural guest editor for Viva Magazine – Volume Seven showed her collaborative nature, and she has a strong point of view when it comes to her artistic talent, surrounding herself with some really great creatives like the super- stylist Karla Welch (whose other high-profile clients include Tracee Ellis-Ross, Hailey Bieber, Sarah Paulson) and also longtime makeup artist, Los Angeles-based New Zealander Amber D.

It’s really great to see her really having fun with fashion and beauty on her Solar Power Tour, there’s definitely been an evolution since her debut. New Zealanders generally tend to want to play things down when it comes to what they wear, thinking that if you show an interest in fashion it makes you look conceited or frivolous, so seeing someone looking both creative and intelligent as Lorde shamelessly exploring and savoring the joy of her personal style and performance gives people a bit of permission to experiment too.

For her Glastonbury set on the Pyramid Stage, the pastel-hued blonde of her look and set was in sync and showcases someone who confidently uses fashion to amp up her artistry. More importantly, it was his message of solidarity and disappointment over the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v Wade that was the biggest highlight.

Ashleigh Cometti, Viva Beauty Editor:

Not everyone is a good fit for hair color on either end of the spectrum, but Lorde has proven she can pull off both her naturally curly brunette locks and a honey hue with relative ease. She teased her chameleon abilities when she debuted a platinum wig in the video for her hit song Mood Ring in August last year, before making the change permanent ahead of her performance at Glastonbury. Solar Power marked its return to the industry after a four-year hiatus, and was a far cry from what we’ve come to expect from the star in previous years with a more whimsical approach to fashion and beauty.

As with any major hair transformation, there are a number of factors to consider, especially when it comes to bleach. But Lorde’s shiny blonde locks look fabulous on fries – a sure sign that stylist Cameron Rains of US talent agency Forward Artists prioritized condition and color. There’s no denying the upkeep that comes with newly blonde hair, which begs the question – will Lorde play into the peek-a-boo roots trend pioneered by the likes of Billie Eilish, or will she go for it? she has 6-8 appointments a week to make sure her color stays fresh?

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