Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Visit Morning Shows

The morning after the american idol finale (Read our recap), winner of season 20 Noah Thompson visited hello america and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Finalist HunterGirl joined the champion for an interview at GMA. Noah performed his chart-topping single “One Day Tonight” on Live.

On GMA, Noah described the winning moment on stage with Ryan Seacrest and HunterGirl: “I was kind of shocked,” he said. “Honestly, I came into this meet thinking I wasn’t even going to get a golden ticket… hearing my name at the end. It was amazing.”

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Noah wouldn’t even audition for american idol if it wasn’t for his friend Arthur back in Louisa, Kentucky cheering him on. “I’m going to come home and give him a big hug!” Thank him for all of this, because Arthur is the one who believed in me when I didn’t.

Hunter spoke about the competitive pressures on Idol. “It’s nerve-wracking right before I go on stage,” she explained. “But when I get to this area, I just want to have a good time.” She added, “It was a nerve wracking experience…but I had a blast just being here.”

She admits this meeting Carrie Underwood in Las Vegas last week, when the american idol The Season 4 winner framed the Top 5, was another pinch moment.

Hunter said: “This year has probably been the craziest and best year of my life. I’m just glad I got to experience it.

Noah’s and Hunter’s singles respectively occupy No. 1 and 2 on the overall iTunes chart

Noah and Hunter are both planning to go home for a little while to take the time to process their Idol live. Currently, Noah’s winner’s single “One Day Tonight” is No. 1 overall on iTunes, while HunterGirl’s “Red Bird” is No. 2. At Lea Marlene’s “Flowers” can be found at No. 6.

Within an hour, Noah passed Live with Ryan and Kelly discuss everything american idol. It was only last night (May 22) that the host Ryan Seacrest declared Noah the Idol winner. And now here they are, 10 hours and 3,000 miles later, chatting again.

“The Biggest Heart, The Kindest Guy”

“Biggest heart, nicest guy, great story,” is how Ryan described the american idol champion. “you’re so genuine,” Ryan added. He mentions how Noah had one of his best performances of the season while battling COVID, singing remotely from his hotel room. Noah struggled to get to grips with the crowd at first. Playing alone in his hotel room was child’s play.

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“This whole show has been such a process,” Noah said. “I can’t wait to write songs and release music, play concerts.”

Noah performs a beautiful acoustic version of “One Day Tonight”

Next, Noah performed a beautiful acoustic version of “One Day Tonight”. It was just him and a guitarist strumming behind him. This is the best live version of the new song to date.

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