Nick Cannon poses with Mystery Girl, shows off his engagement ring?!

Nick Cannon on Instagram

Nick Cannon has once again found a way to break the internet. This time he strayed from baby announcements to share something completely different, an engagement! A few days after discussing his relationship with Mariah Carey.

After saying he would never remarry again, it looks like Nick Cannon is engaged. We’re emphasizing power heavily, as it’s possible this is all just a publicity gimmick for an upcoming music video.

Is Nick Cannon engaged to Bre Tiesi?

On July 14, Cannon posted an intimate photo with a mystery girl. Other news outlets believe the mystery girl is a model Bre Tiesi, but her identity has not been confirmed at this time (since Cannon has not tagged her in the photo). The second photo posted by The Masked Singer the host has a massive ring. To fully share the experience (or sell the story), Cannon posted the photo with a loving caption.

“I said I would never do it again but…finally do what the world wants me to do,” he wrote.

There are a variety of comments left on this post. While some people praise Cannon, others think it’s a hoax. It’s especially hard to believe Cannon would be ready to settle down after admitting his relationship with Carey was “like a fairy tale.”

“I think it’s a music video lol it’s not one of his baby mamas,” one fan commented on Instagram.

At the end of June, Tiesi revealed his relationship with The Masked Singer host. She admitted they’ve been “on and off” for years and aren’t currently defining their relationship. They are not in a monogamous relationship, but they also do not consider themselves to be in a polygamy or an open relationship. At the time, she acknowledged that she was happy with their current arrangement. For those who may not know, Tiesi is currently expecting her first child with Cannon.

It could be a marketing gimmick

While many people are delighted to The Masked Singer host, others think it might be for a music video. This could easily be a behind-the-scenes photo from the recording of the music video for “I Do” with Chris Brown. Since the song’s release, it has garnered over 241,000 views on YouTube.

“I Do” features the singer opening up about his wedding dreams, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the photo was a marketing tactic. Cannon has yet to acknowledge whether he is truly engaged or not. Fans expect to receive a music video release date in the near future.

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