New shows in October 2022: TV premieres for Hulu, Apple and Amazon

The next few weeks will bring new series featuring Hillary Swank, Zoe Saldaña, Chloë Grace Moretz, Peter Capaldi, Jacob Batalon and Guillermo del Toro.

(LR): Ian Foreman as Isaiah and Madison Taylor Baez as Eleanor in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN,

Showtime’s “Let in the Good”

Francisco Roman/Showtime

Some months just have a clearer TV guideline. In just a few weeks, the screens will be filled with snow, warm lighting and cups of cocoa. March/April are Prestige TV Onslaught months. July, as we all know, is Literary Adaptation Month. (Just kidding, it’s every month now.)

As the leaves begin to turn and fall into really high gear, it’s not exactly the kismet that’s bringing so many spooky/horror-adjacent titles to the TV world. This is what October has long been transformed into, with all eyeballs searching for scares that come with it. Whether unsettling, kitschy or ironic, many of the new shows arriving over the next few weeks are designed to thrill and chill.

There are still a handful of network premieres to help round out the fall schedule, and some series you can’t necessarily tie to that corner of the schedule. But, as is the case so many times with these monthly roundups, the wave of TV peaks for anyone and there will always be more than you anticipate.

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