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In a year in which many events and performances have been changed or canceled, vocal music students at North County High School are enjoying the fruits of their labor this spring, with the announcement of the All- Honors District and Missouri All-State Choral. Students are selected for these honors through a solo vocal performance and demonstration of their music reading skills.

“This year the process was through recorded performances, instead of live vocals,” said Allyn Rizo, director of the high school choir. “It added a different element to the process. The music playback part was done on a computer via Zoom, with a judge in a completely different city. It was so strange, but it worked.

North County had 20 nominated students in the entire Central East District choir, an acceptance rate of 100% for the allowed number of students who can audition, a first for the North County program. These students were sopranos Hannah Jaco, Reese Bentley, Gracynn Moore, Macy Kamler, Emily Pruneau and Jaida Crump; Altos Juli Farr, Erin Gantz, Victoria Phillips and Alexis Dalton; tenors Andrew Kay, Sawyer Wampler, Holden Swift, Daniel Gantz and Dawson Hedrick; Basses: Bryan Bassinger, Landon Kater, Carson Elliott, Jobe Smith and Braden Swift. Juniors and seniors who are nominated to the All-District Choir become eligible to submit and audition for the Missouri All-State Choir.

“Our program has an ongoing tradition of having members selected for the Missouri All-State Choir,” said Landon Kater senior. “It’s something that we all strive to achieve. We want to be the next to hold the torch. It’s a big problem.”

This year, North County had five seniors nominated for the Missouri All-State Choir. These students were Reese Bentley (soprano), Victoria Phillips (2nd alternate alto), Sawyer Wampler (tenor), Andrew Kay (1st alternate tenor) and Landon Kater (bass). These students will wear a special stole during their spring concert on May 14th.

“This year has been a challenge for our students in many ways,” said Rizo. “It is so humbling that these students went to such lengths to achieve these accolades and is a testament to their dedication to our program. As an educator, I couldn’t be prouder.

The North County choirs are conducted by Rizo and Bethanie Ward.

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