Muscatine vocal music department using “singer masks”

MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) – The Muscatine vocal music department is getting creative amid the pandemic.

Singing expels larger water droplets than speaking. These water droplets also travel further, increasing the risk of the virus spreading.

Masks will be mandatory inside the Muscatine classroom, which presents a unique challenge for the singers. Enter the ‘Singer’s Mask’.

“The singer’s mask is a mask that sits right in front of the face and gives just a small resonance chamber for your sound to resonate so that it can travel further, you can hear, and you can hear yourself better and hear better. the others, “Teale Burford, associate choir director said.

Buying 405 singer masks online for all Muscatine School Choir students would cost thousands of dollars. Burford made his own prototype.

“After doing one, I thought I could do it. I know there are other people like me who can do this. Probably better than me, faster than me and I knew the Muscatine community would intensify. I just knew it, there had never been a doubt in my mind, ”Burford says.

Neal’s Sewing and Void Center in Muscatine sold fabric to the choral department at a discount. A Facebook post from the choir department drew countless responses from the community asking for help.

“I have volunteers coming out of my ears and it’s absolutely wonderful. I’m not surprised, but I’m overwhelmed, ”says Burford.

The choir service is looking for people to cut out the patterns for the special masks.

“We want to assemble kits for our sewers so that we can just drop them off at their doorstep so they have everything they need. They don’t have to do any cutting, all they have to do is pin and sew, so we hope that will make things easier and faster. And it doesn’t cost the sewers a dime.

And masking is not where the precautions inside the choir room end. Students will also sing in small groups and sing outside.

Despite the changes, she is happy to see a community coming together to help their local school at an unprecedented time.

“I had no doubt that Muscatine would step up and it’s incredibly encouraging and so heartwarming to see the community immediately come forward and say, ‘I want to help,’ says Burford.

If you would like to help the choir, send an email to [email protected] You can also visit the choir’s Facebook page for more information.

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