Katie Price shows off her real singing voice as she sings songs in hotel parking lot, says she’s ‘gone crazy’

KATEI Price sings a few tunes in an underground car park as she continues her makeup masterclass tour.

The 43-year-old singer showed off her singing skills with a range of tracks, including Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy.


Katie Price showed off her natural singing talents in BirminghamCredit: instagram @katieprice

She was looking for her hotel in Birmingham with her team who filmed her singing at the top of her voice.

The video was then cut to them in the parking lot because they ‘went to the wrong hotel’ as she showed off her pipes.

“We’ve gone crazy,” the caption read.

Katie continued to sing louder until she stopped walking to produce an impressive long note.

Last year Katie hit back at claims she has “no talent” by sharing a classic clip of her singing A Whole New World, which she originally recorded with ex-husband Peter Andre.

She shared a hilarious meme of her infamous singing skills, which read, “Katie Price has zero talent. Oh yeah, so please explain that to me.

She captioned the clip, “One more for your morning commute. Have a nice day!”

Katie and Peter released a cover of A Whole New World in 2006, as part of their duet album.

All proceeds from the album, titled A Whole New World, went to their chosen charities affiliated with the many health issues of Katie’s eldest son, Harvey.

The album debuted at number 20 on the UK Albums Chart and achieved platinum status, but critics said it sounded like “catfights” at the time.

Since then, Katie, who previously tried to represent the UK at Eurovision in 2005, has desperately tried to revive her pop career.

In 2010, she released a single titled Free to Love Again which reached No. 60 on the charts.

And she tried again in 2017, with her single I Got U, but again with very little success.

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She admitted at the time that she had very little support for her musical dreams – and even her manager didn’t want her to relaunch her pop career.

His last attempt dates back to 2020 with a track called Heartbroken.

She sang a few tunes in a hotel parking lot


She sang a few tunes in a hotel parking lotCredit: instagram @katieprice
She stopped to reach an impressive high note


She stopped to reach an impressive high noteCredit: instagram @katieprice
Kate released an album with ex-husband Peter Andre


Kate released an album with ex-husband Peter AndreCredit: Splash News

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