Judges disagree on acts as live broadcasts continue

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America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned Tuesday night for the third week of live shows, as eleven acts performed in a bid to win American votes. Only two acts will continue on Wednesday night’s results show, which will feature a performance from Season 14 winner Kodi Lee.

During this week’s show, the judges disagreed on several acts. But it’s up to viewers at home to decide who moves on. Don’t forget to vote, either on the NBC website or through the official AGT app, until 7 a.m. ET Wednesday.

‘AGT’ judges disagree on acts including MPLUSPLUS

The first act of the evening was MPLUSPLUS, a Japanese dance group that incorporates light technology into their performances. They had to solve a technical difficulty before their performance, which included lighted streamers and lighted umbrellas.

Howie Mandel was unimpressed with the performance, saying people could “buy it on the Santa Monica Pier”. Judge Heidi Klum agreed with him, saying she liked the idea but wondered if it was “spectacular enough”. Simon Cowell said he disagreed with them, saying it was a Vegas act.

Mandel and Cowell also clashed during their review of the Cline Twins’ hockey trick number, as Cowell claimed that Mandel did not want them to attend the live shows. Mandel called him a liar, telling the twins they were ‘so good’ and would have won Canada has talent.

The judges then disagreed on the Funkanometry dance duo. Klum likened their act to a “college talent show” and Mandel said it was nothing more than a “viral TikTok.” However, Cowell called them one of his favorite acts.

Celia Muñoz pays tribute to Olivia Newton-John

One of the highlights of Tuesday night’s show came when ventriloquist Celia Muñoz paid tribute to Fat star Olivia Newton-John. Celia established her routine at a drive-in and performed “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

What makes Celia’s act so unique is that she performs ventriloquism without a puppet. This time, she sipped a drink, blew her nose and ate popcorn while performing the song, making it sound like it came out of a movie theater speaker and not her mouth. The judges gave him a standing ovation, with Cowell calling it the best act of the night so far.

Another act that impressed the judges and audience was magician Nicolas Ribs. With Terry’s help, he performed a unique routine combining moving images on a screen with maps and real objects. Klum said it was “beyond words” and Sofia Vergara described it as a “new style of magic”. Mandel predicted he could win the whole show.

Golden Buzzer Sara James Returns to Sing “Rocket Man”

Tuesday’s show ended with a Golden Buzzer performance from Simon Cowell, 14-year-old singer Sara James. She performed Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” adding her own haunting twist to it. The performance started quietly before Sara let out some incredible notes.

The judges praised Sara’s performance, with Cowell calling her song choice “genius” and predicting Elton John would respond to it on social media. Mandel called it a “winning performance”. But was that enough to win the American vote? We will find out on Wednesday evening.

Last week, Golden Buzzer Maddie missed her shot in the final and was eliminated, so it’s anyone’s game. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites either on the NBC website or the AGT application. Voting is open until 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning.

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