Jaaved Jaaferi calls gory stories of reality TV shows ‘artificial’: ‘Boogie Woogie was the best show that happened in India’

One of the first dance reality shows on television, Boogie Woogie began airing in the mid-90s on Sony TV with Jaaved Jaaferi, Naved Jafri and Ravi Behl as judges. While television was still in its infancy in India, the show attracted audiences of all ages and genders as they appreciated Indian talent. It became an instant fan favorite.

At the time, Boogie Woogie was one of a kind – a new concept for television consumers and a breath of fresh air. But 26 years later, the concept of reality TV has become overused and unimaginative. Each channel has its own singing and dancing reality TV shows. While they continue to be a great platform for showcasing talent, several shows more often than not draw attention by mounting on the gory stories of its contestants.

Not too long ago, singer Sonu Nigam called the gory stories of reality shows a “marketing gimmick”. When indianexpress.com asked Jaaved to share his opinion on the reality shows we are watching today, the actor said, “There are pros and cons. Personally, I think the biggest advantage is that the talent has an opportunity, a platform. The downsides are that sometimes these shows get too contrived.

When Prabhudeva visited Boogie Woogie set. (Photo: Express Archive)
jaaved jaaferi on jagdeep When Jagdeep attended an episode of Boogie Woogie. (Photo: Express Archive)

When we asked him to elaborate on the comment, he said that reality shows these days “don’t feel real.” “All look alike. It (gory stories) look fake,” he replied. According to him, what made Boogie Woogie stand out was the fact that everything that happened in the series “felt organic, real, from the heart and unscripted”.

Jaaved added: “Humare me, it just happened. We didn’t know. It was a surprise. Every time someone told a story, our reactions came naturally. We paid attention to it but knew it was a surprise. was a spectacle, a platform to showcase talent. So gory stories never became the only way to go. It was about talent. It was about hope, about defeating the disability… it wasn’t staged.

boogie woogie Another photo of Jagdeep with Jaaved and Naved. (Photo: Express Archive)
Jaaved, Naved, Ravi with Saif Ali Khan. (Photo: Express Archive)

When asked if he would like to return to television, he replied that he missed being a part of Boogie Woogie. “I miss Boogie Woogie. It’s the best show that’s ever happened in this country. It should come back but unfortunately it’s not in my hand,” he concluded.

On the work side, Jaaved Jaaferi will be seen in Never Kiss Your Best Friend season 2. He plays the role of Bittu in the starring Nakuul Mehta, which will air on ZEE5 from April 29.

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