It’s time to update your edible techniques

Dear Stoner: I’ve been making edibles for years but now my son is laughing at me for putting herbs in brownie or cake batter and not using hash oil or making butter . Do I need to update my edible techniques?
old timer

Dear Elder: I used to give my dad shit for the old TV in his garage. He could easily afford to buy a small flat screen instead of the 17 inch tube, but he finally explained after the fifth time I mentioned it: This one still works, so why do I have to upgrade ?

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There are many ways to infuse cookies with weed. Some routes are faster or more efficient than others.

Jacqueline Collins

Even when something is objectively better, that doesn’t mean you have to participate. Making edibles at home with cannabutter and oils, distillate, solventless hash, THC sugar and all the other more refined forms of edible infusions can be really fun and educational, and your range of dishes will expand considerably – but why fix something that isn’t? isn’t it broken? It’s much easier to pour ground cannabis into batter than to make THC sugar, although it’s not the most efficient or appetizing way to eat cannabis. Changing your routine could ruin your experiences or your tolerance anyway. Stay strong against the pompous youth.

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