Hong Kong group MIRROR cancels shows after LED screen fell during

MIRROR have canceled the remainder of their concert series, following a major accident at their recent concert where dancers were injured by an LED screen that fell from the ceiling.

At least five performers and spectators were reportedly injured as they two are hospitalized, sustaining head and neck injuries. Further details on the performers’ terms are yet to be confirmed.

The boy band from Hong Kong was performing at Hong Kong Colosseum yesterday (July 28) as part of their MIRROR.DOOR concert series. The show was immediately interrupted and the guests were asked to leave, as their manager Ahfa Wong came on stage to apologize. The remaining 8 concerts scheduled for the 12-show series were canceled following the accident.

The accident caused public outcry inside and outside Hong Kong, with many questioning why proper checks and security measures were implemented by concert organizers, music nation and MakerVille. Both companies released a joint statement following the incident, expressing their concern for the injured artists and that they are launching an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

This is the latest accident to occur during MIRROR’s concert series, after their member Frankie fell off the stage during their concert on July 26. This prompted fans to start a petition demanding better security measures at their concerts.

MIRROR is a 12-member group formed by the talent contest, king maker in 2018. Since their debut, the ‘Warrior’ act have amassed international acclaim with their distinct and dynamic sound.

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