Exhausted! Astro’s Cha Eunwoo Sells Out All Shows For Japanese Fanmeeting In Minutes Soompi

Cha Eunwoo sells tickets in minutes

Aroha, you did it! K-pop and K-drama idol Cha Eunwoo is a force to be reckoned with. With his chocolate boyish air, impeccable voice and acting prowess, the singer is a talented breed. Maybe that’s why tickets to his fanmeeting are selling like hot cakes.
This time, the Korean idol actor sold his four JOTM Japan [Starry Caravan] fan encounter, that too in a few hours. But, when you are Mr. Cha Eunwoo himself, it goes without saying that such cases happen very frequently.

Going back a bit, on August 13, tickets for his next fan meet in Japan went live and were almost immediately sold out. Yes, all four shows! The event, which is due to take place on August 21 and 24, with two shows a day, is closed to further registration after overwhelming demand.

Within hours, around 36,000 tickets were sold out, proving once and for all how hugely popular Eunwoo is across all belts. In fact, so much so that organizers even added stand-up tickets for the August 24 JOTM Fanmeet, which also sold out.

Raise your hand if you’re equally stunned by its impact!

This isn’t even Eunwoo’s first date with sold out tickets. Previously, on July 30, Eunwoo performed to a sold-out audience in Thailand as part of his Thailand JOTM Fanmeet.

After thrilling audiences in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, this will be Eunwoo’s fourth fanmeeting appearance. Considering how beloved he is in Japan, such a response was more or less expected from fans.

The true beauty star blew up for her explosive visuals, and still leaves fans breathless with her talent. Being a jack of all trades, he certainly knows how to keep fans hooked on his every move. Are you excited for Cha Eunwoo to perform to sold-out audiences in Japan? Let us know

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