Edward Cerda’s amazing social media strategies and techniques to grow people and businesses.

The world has changed over the years with several developments in industries and businesses. These changes and developments are the result of the many technological advancements that people have welcomed with open arms so far.

Edward Cerda, who happens to be a young talent in the digital world, explains that being on social media today is the need of the hour and how people, brands and businesses can leverage its power to achieve their definition of success the way they want.

Born in 1992 in the East Bay area and with an interest in all things creative, he decided to join the business side of the social media world and has now risen as a social media marketing professional. , helping its clients’ accounts. grow through organic engagement.

Today he came forward to talk about social media marketing and its main players. Edward Cerda, who first served in the US military for four years and is now part of the online world, mentions that social media marketing (SMM) is about optimizing social media and its networks to market the products and services of a brand/company.

“Social media marketing allows individuals and businesses to engage with existing customers and reach new ones while enabling them to promote their mission, brand voice and desired culture,” Cerda said. He outlines the main pillars of social media marketing below –

  • Listen and Engage: Edward Cerda explains that it is essential to listen carefully to what customers and others are saying about their products, services or the brand as a whole. Following up on the same can help them take action in social media marketing to engage well with them.
  • Engagement Reports: After creating content, it is also essential to see how far the posts are reaching and how well they have engaged with the audience. Therefore, analysis and reporting play an important role, explains Edward Cerda.
  • Good strategies: Having a proper strategy in place to define brand/company goals and understand which social media channels can be used and what type of content can be created is essential to achieve maximum results.

“Besides these points given above, I think people also need to focus on planning and publishing, where they have to write plans of what their content should look like and also decide when to publish them on which platforms. Plus, buying social media ads is a great way to promote and grow a brand or image,” says the young professional who can grow from 10,000 to 100,000 thanks to his huge network.

If you want to see the magical results he gives people with social media marketing, follow him on Instagram @_.80 find out more.

Posted on January 19, 2022

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