Dino Shadix’s Ingenuity Appears On Disciple Round Table Backed EP “Lil T-Rex”

For bass music with imaginative sound design and a strong bass presence, dance audiences learn in real time where to turn Dino Shadix. This feeling is confirmed by his second EP, Little T-Rexissued via Discipleship Roundtable. The follow-up to his debut EP, 2021’s Way Back When, is a multi-dimensional five-track set that not only flirts with bass, but dubstep as well, including experimental dubstep lofi (see ‘Steady Saurus’). inventive sound design audible through Little T-Rex, it’s worth mentioning that Dino Shadix’s selection of vocal samples is refined and focused. Overall, the EP, which features no features or collaborations, highlights Dino Shadix as a newcomer worth considering on year-end lists of artists to watch.

The output of Little T-Rex EP tackles a number of CV-boosting activities, including placing Dino Shadix on Grantit is Twilight Vol. 3 compilation in 2021 (“Hydra”), a place on Ophelia RecordsAdvent tome 5 compilationhis earlier debut on Disciple Records (“Gloom”), and triumphed in a remix contest organized by Viper Recordings in 2019. Little T-Rex below.

Featured Image: @alaritippi/Instagram

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