David shows how Annie’s vocal talent made him fall in love

90 Day Fiancé star David Toborowsky revealed his wife Annie Suwan’s hidden talent on Instagram ahead of their long-awaited Pillow Talk return to TLC.

David Toborowsky from 90 day fiance revealed why he fell in love with Annie Suwan at first sight in Thailand and proposed to her 10 days after they met. David, a recently divorced 48-year-old man, was going through a lot in life when he found his soul mate in 24-year-old Annie during his trip to his country. While David always looks happy when he’s with Annie on Pillow Talk or Instagram, at the time he suffered a stroke and severe financial losses that left him penniless and above. of his ideal weight. David quickly took control of his lifestyle but struggled with his drinking problem.


When it came to marrying Annie, he didn’t have the money to pay her dowry, which amounted to $15,000 with over $6,000 in gold and two water buffaloes. David often had to borrow money from his friend Chris Thieneman, who also helped him bring Annie to the United States and find accommodation when they got there. Annie who thought America was like La La Land was disappointed because of David. His family, including his children, did not want their father to marry a 25-year-old. His daughter Ashley had even thrown water on her father during a heated argument when he introduced Annie to them. But things started to change for David and Annie when she got her work visa after the wedding and David got a new job.

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To David, Annie was the angel who helped save his life when he was at his lowest. David says his life is like 50 first dates because every day he makes Annie fall in love with him. While fans are used to David’s funny dance videos or 90 day fiance star Annie cooking her favorite meals or modeling her clothes after losing weight on Instagram, her new post about her was different. David posted a video of very thin Annie titled “Annie Entertainment.” Annie appeared to be singing a Thai song on a karaoke machine in the couple’s home.

That’s why I fell in love with my queen,” David wrote in his caption. He also used the hashtag “happy woman, happy lifeto perhaps reveal the secret of his happiness. When a fan commented that Annie was singing like an angel, David agreed, “she does.” He praised her admitting that she has “an amazing voice“when someone called her singing”great.“When someone asked:”What can’t she do?90 day fiance celebrity David confessed: “to be mean.” In turn, fans congratulated David and Annie on how far their relationship has come. Their admirers told David and Annie that he really had found a queen.

David’s first meeting with Annie in Thailand was magical. David was sitting in a bar having a drink one evening when he heard someone singing. It sounded like an angel’s voice to David, who then offered to buy Annie a drink. The 90 day fiance couple started talking, and they quickly got out of there. “I fell in love with her immediately,“Reality TV star David had confessed in front of the cameras during his first 90 day fiance season with Annie.

Source: David Toborowsky/Instagram

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