Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Hulu/Prime Video May 7, 2022

With the start of a new month, Hulu and Prime Video have gained an impressive flurry of new movie and TV shows to keep audiences cool as summer vacation approaches. From action-packed B-movies to comedy classics, there are some real cinematic gems available to stream. And with such variety, there’s definitely something for everyone, with this as our own esteemed recommendations this early May.

Here are all the biggest and best movies to binge on Prime Video and Hulu this weekend as May 2022 kicks off in style, with both digital platforms entering the month with classic films.

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Resident Evil rears its creepy head again

As Netflix prepares to launch a live-action resident Evil television show, the first five episodes of the popular film series are now on Hulu. While deviating significantly from the source material of the video game, the resident Evil the movies feature plenty of anti-zombie action with ever-increasing stakes. Perhaps more than anything, the movies provide the perfect showcase for star Milla Jovovich to demonstrate her action hero chops on a big stage.

Jovovich stars as Alice, a mysterious woman suffering from amnesia who discovers she has ties to the nefarious Umbrella Corporation. As an Umbrella genetic experiment is unleashed on the world, the dead rise as hungry zombies and hordes of the undead begin to sweep the globe. For those looking for a set of entertaining B movies to binge this weekend, resident Evil certainly book on this point.

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Despicable Me prepares audiences for the return of the Minions

One of the biggest movies of the summer is Minions: The Rise of Gruexploring the beginnings of Despicable Me criminal mastermind. The first two Despicable Me the movies are now available to stream on Hulu for those looking for an animated double feature to enjoy this weekend and catch up in time for Minions 2 this month of July.

Starring Steve Carell as the villainous Gru, the original Despicable Me has the infamous genius plot to steal the moon as his ultimate heist. It gets complicated, however, when Gru adopts three daughters who gradually warm his cold, calculating heart. Despicable Me 2 expands on Gru’s redemption as the reformed villain cautiously returns to the dating scene as he works for the good guys.

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Bill and Ted get a great triple feature

The films that catapulted Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter into the public eye as the comedic voices of a generation were the first two Bill and Ted movies. Both from 1989 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and 1991 Bill and Ted’s fake trip are available to stream on Prime Video, joining the 2020s Bill and Ted face the music. And Reeves and Winter remain an effective comic duo as they brave space and time to save the day.

Excellent adventure has Bill and Ted’s high school history class grade hanging on a single major presentation, prompting the friends to travel back in time for a crash course lesson. fake trip is the darkest film in the trilogy, with the boys killed by robotic doppelgangers and journeying through hell to come back to life. And Face the music sees the two lifelong friends grappling with middle age and family life, determined to learn why they have yet to fulfill their heroic destiny in a long-awaited comeback.

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Office space remains just as relevant years later

The tedious boredom of working in an office is just as present today as it was in 1999 when the cult comedy office space first exit. Starring Ron Livingston as the unassuming white-collar Peter Gibbons, Hypnosis Gone Wrong has Peter approaching his career with reckless abandon. This leads him and his colleagues to plot to rip off their overbearing employers as they lay off a significant portion of the staff.

Written and directed by Mike Judge, office space is grounded in just enough reality to make its characters and nightmarish workplace instantly bond. Livingston delivers a star performance as Peter, matched by Gary Cole’s memorable performance as his smug boss Bill Lumbergh. Neglected in its first theatrical release, office space is a comedy classic that only gets better with time.

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Dodgeball shows Ben Stiller at his most comically unhinged

Ben Stiller receives numerous accolades for directing and producing original Apple TV+ series break, but one of the filmmaker’s most memorable performances is available to stream. 2004 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story arrived on Hulu and Prime Video, with Stiller and Vince Vaughn leading an impressive cast. And Stiller gets the chance to really unleash his inner maniac as DodgeballWhite Goodman’s antagonist.

Vaughn stars as Peter LaFleur, a schlubby man, who enters a high-stakes dodgeball tournament to pay off his gym’s mortgage. The owner of the nearby gym, White, decides to beat Peter in the dodgeball ring, with the two teams facing off in Las Vegas. While the whole Dodgeball The cast does a fantastic job, the level at which Stiller commits to the role of White is second to none and remains one of his best roles.

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