Are there fewer talent shows?

They say marriage is not easy. But it looks like a piece of cake compared to some of the stunts one may have to perform on their wedding photo shoots today. The phenomenon of creativity with wedding captures is not new. Remember our parents’ wedding videos, where a hundred copies of the bride’s face floated across the screen in a spiral that video editors of the day considered the pinnacle of aesthetics?

As these vintage styles of wedding albums went out of style, new ones replaced them – and how! Previously, wedding shoots were just a by-product of the event. Now, it seems like a wedding is rendered almost invalid if it’s not accompanied by a flashy before and after photo shoot.

One such wonderful moment, allegedly from a wedding shoot, is going viral on social media. An undated video being widely shared shows a man, believed to be the groom, effortlessly pulling a handstand, while the decked bride stands next to him, on her feet, albeit in dramatic dance poses.

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Everyone dreams of their own fairy tales. For some, it could be showing off their superior gymnastics skills on the big day. For others, it might be something close to their passions. Two years ago, when Bangladeshi cricketer Sanjida Islam got married, she was reportedly caught on camera practicing her sport, dressed in a sari.

It seems today’s bride and groom aren’t averse to capturing their weddings in original ways. Older generations would have us believe that the only correct way to participate in your own marriage is to behave as if life is over – not that a new life has begun.

For men, the rules have unsurprisingly always been more lax. It is almost usual for the groom to gloat excessively at his own wedding, dancing and singing, having a good time. The bride, however, is traditionally expected to put on her best dark face, with her eyes downcast all the time, and to be the opposite of fun.

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It’s heartening to know that many new-age brides are ditching the melancholy act in favor of a more optimistic approach to weddings – whether through extraordinary stunts that would give TV shows a hard time, or through impersonations of footage Bollywood classics, or making profound statements that break convention.

This Kolkata bride, for example, took to the wheel to drive her groom to his in-laws after the wedding, instead of the norm that requires the couple to be driven together and, in some cases, the groom to drive.

Indian weddings are absolute carnivals. Families spring with pride, guests are sated with good food and drink, friends liven it up with running jokes. Only the newlyweds are almost always lacking in fun, busy with rituals and assignments…and photo shoots, of course.

But if there’s any joy for them in the cumbersome stunts they have to do to keep track of their marriage for posterity, then it’s worth it, isn’t it? Even if that means the social media feeds of people they know will be inundated with photos for days to come.

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