9 Best Music Contests and Game Shows on Hulu

Everyone has different tastes in TV shows, but one common niche everyone seems to agree on is music. Even though each individual’s musical tastes are even more diverse and eclectic than their television tastes, they can still identify with the love of music as a whole, and that’s why music reality shows are still among the the best and most successful series on television. .

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Hulu is packed with some of the best music reality shows, including and especially game shows and music contests. Some of them have been around for years, and some new shows to check out. Each is filled with songs that people love and that are sure to have their viewers singing along.



songland musical reality show cover photo

Songland is a very different type of music show than the usual game show or competition, as it focuses on the songwriting aspect of the music industry. The winner of the show has their own original song released worldwide for top musical artists.

This show’s three rookie artist producers, Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, and Shane McAnally, each choose three rookie songwriters and challenge them to write and tailor songs for a specific musician. If they prove they can create amazing songs and write great lyrics, they also have to prove they can adapt the song to an artist, which could be anyone from Julia Michaels to Usher.

alter ego

alter ego is a musical contest stripped of all biased and visual presumptions, where judges must criticize based solely on talent and voice. Contestants perform songs backstage as their digital avatars appear live for the audience.

In this unique music contest, contestants appear as their favorite avatar, a figure with the appearance they desire. They are judged solely on their talent as they use motion capture technology to dance and sing backstage, allowing their avatar to portray them live for the audience. Judges Alanis Morissette, will.i.am, Nick Lachey and Grimes decide who gave the best performance and move on to the competition.

american idol

Cover photo of the musical reality show American Idol

american idol is one of the most popular musical competitions of all time, which lasts for 20 seasons. Fans have seen some of the most memorable contestants, musical performances, and greatest artists come out of this show.

Contestants audition across the country for the chance to enter the show’s competition, taking on multiple challenges and rounds to see who will become the next star. Some big-name artists have appeared as judges over the years – current judges are Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan – and they decide each week who has the talent to continue in the competition. After that, the vote goes to the public. The show is filled with tons of musical talent. Some of the best acts to come from american idol include Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia and Adam Lambert.

The voice

The voice is another renowned music competition with many great artists appearing and arising from it. Contestants work as a team with the four judges and compete to see who will become the next big star.

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Contestants are held in blind auditions for which the judges have their backs turned while the contestants perform. The judges can then choose to turn around and convince the artists to work with them throughout the competition. The four artists judges on The voice work as mentors for their team contestants and help singers prepare arrangements to compete against others in battle duets, solo performances, and more. until a singer is chosen as the winner.

Name this melody

Name That Tune Music Reality Show Cover Photo

Name this melody is a musical game show in which participants can win up to $100,000 by successfully guessing the song played by the orchestra or simply by a note played on the piano.

Name this melody has existed in various iterations for decades, most recently relaunched in 2021 with Jane Krakowski as host and Randy Jackson as conductor. Two contestants must compete against each other, making bets on their ability to identify a song in as few notes as possible when played on the piano or by the orchestra. Players earn more points for identifying songs in fewer ratings, and whoever has the most points has a chance of winning the $100,000 prize.

Beat Shazam

Cover photo of the musical reality show Beat Shazam

Beat Shazam is a game show centered around the music player app Shazam. Three teams of duos compete to see who can quickly identify songs from all genres for a chance to win up to $1 million.

Hosted by Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne, Beast Shazam is filled with music from different decades and genres that allow players to earn a lot of money. If the contestants can beat Shazam by naming the song before the timer runs out, they build up their bankroll and move on for a chance to win the big prize. Players need to know a wide range of music and have quick reaction times to beat their opponents and earn money.

The Masked Singer

Cover photo of the musical reality show The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a singing contest featuring some of the biggest stars performing undercover in bizarre and eccentric outfits to win simply by their talent alone.

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As its competitors are already big stars, The Masked Singer features some of the highest levels of singing competition to date, although famous personalities from all aspects of stardom – sports, drama, comedy and music – have competed on The Masked Singer, not just singers and pop stars. The judges, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, attempt to deduce from the clues given and the singing voice behind the mask. The celebrities continue to compete solely based on their talent, and the eliminated contestants are unmasked.

I can see your voice

I can see your voice Music Reality Show cover photo

I can see your voice is a new musical game show hosted by Ken Jeong, in which contestants must decide who a singer really is and who pretends by acting out clues and seeing the singer perform a lip-synch battle.

Players of this show can win up to $100,000 by correctly identifying which people are real singers and not, without even hearing them sing. Contestants get a cast of celebrity guests to help them with their choices, but it’s entirely up to their own judgment. With awesome lip-sync battles and detailed hint sets, this mind-blowing game proves that people can’t judge a book by its cover.

It’s my jam

This is the cover photo of the musical reality show My Jam

For many, Tonight’s show Host Jimmy Fallon is one of TV’s best talk show hosts, and he’s well known for the fun games and silly segments he introduced on this long-running show. The segments are so popular that one of them was made in 2021 into its own game show: It’s my jam.

In It’s my jam celebrities complete musical mini-games such as Musical Impressions, Launch the Mic and more, earning money for the charities of their choice. With incredible and hilarious musical performances and friendly competition between some of the biggest stars, It’s my jam quickly earned its place among the most entertaining musical reality shows on TV right now.

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