7 new shows and movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and more June 3

June is off to a flying start, with a scorching mix of new shows and movies to watch this weekend on netflix, First videoHulu and other streaming services.

The range is led by The boys season 3, who returns with even bloodier action, if that’s possible. A superpowered new antagonist joins the group: Meet Soldier Boy, who can be described as a vicious, violent and immoral parody of Captain America. The boys will have their hands full (of body parts) with this guy.

Two other shows premiering this weekend will take you back in time: to the rise of punk in the 70s in Pistol and the aerobics craze of the 80s in physics season 2. For current dramas, revel in Netflix’s revival of Danish political series Borgen: Power and Glory. And if you fancy less serious fare, South Park: The Streaming Wars will throw jokes at you, while Fire Island takes you to a sultry, sunny gay paradise.

Here’s our guide to what to watch this weekend.

The Boys season 3 (Prime Video)

Like the song says, the boys are back in town and if they wanna fight, you better leave them. Drink will flow and blood will flow. Lots and lots of blood. The ultra-violent super anti-hero series features another deadly character, Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), a patriotic World War II veteran who doesn’t hesitate to abuse his powers. Oh, and Homelander (Antony Starr) is completely nuts, so good luck to the world.

Meanwhile, the Boys are quick to relish their victories at the end of Season 2. Billy (Karl Urban) refrains from killing supes, but his will is tested by a serum that can grant him abilities for 24 hours. Hughie (Jack Quaid) works for politician Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), but discovers her dark secret revealed last season.

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Fire Island (Hulu)

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice gets a delightful modern, queer update written by and starring comedian Joel Kim Booster. Noah is a gay, more sarcastic version of Elizabeth Bennet, who travels to Fire Island with her best friend Howie (Bowen Yang) for a week of sunny, dewy evenings.

Noah puts aside his own connection needs to focus on posing for his shy boyfriend. Things look good when Howie finds an instant connection with a kind pediatrician named Charlie (James Scully). Unfortunately, Charlie’s aloof friend Will (Conrad Ricamora) threatens to be a buzzkill. Not only is he overprotective of Charlie, he even insults Noah! But the tension between Will and Noah begins to evolve. If you’re familiar with Austen’s novel or its many adaptations, you know they’ll be happily ever after — or in this case, sexy — forever.

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Gun (Hulu)

The rock and roll revolution will be streamed! Hulu’s new limited-series drama celebrates the rise of punk culture ignited by iconic band the Sex Pistols. The memoirs of founding member and guitarist Steve Jones serve as raw material, detailing how a group of working-class children with no ‘future’ literally shook up stuffy British establishment types. Toby Wallace stars as Jones, with Anson Boon as singer John Lydon, Louis Partridge as ’70s Vicious, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as manager Malcolm McLaren, and Maisie Williams as style designer Jordan.

What we sometimes forget about the Sex Pistols is how short-lived the group was. They only lasted three incredibly chaotic years, but their influence is still felt today in music, culture and art.

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Physics season 2 (Apple TV Plus)

Let’s get physical for round 2! The satirical comedy-drama follows Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) on her journey from dissatisfied housewife to aerobics guru. She successfully launched her first fitness video, but encounters new and bigger obstacles. Her family life is a mess, as Sheila finds herself torn between loyalty to her husband Danny (Rory Scovel) and a dangerous attraction to local real estate tycoon John Breem (Paul Sparks).

His professional ambitions are also threatened, most notably by charismatic fitness instructor Vinnie Green, who is played by new cast member (and former White Lotus) Murray Bartlett. A late-night infomercial pioneer, Vinnie provides fierce competition to Sheila’s dream of building a fitness empire.

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South Park: War Streaming (Paramount Plus)

South Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary (it premiered on August 13, 1997) with the latest of its Paramount Plus exclusive specials. The Streaming Wars follows 2021’s South Park: Post COVID and The Return of COVID, as well as season 25, which premiered earlier this year on Comedy Central. And a fourth special has been teased for later this summer.

The Streaming Wars sees Cartman lock horns with his mother in a battle of wills, as an epic conflict unfolds that threatens the very existence of South Park. Not a ton to go on, but fans can expect the usual mix of foul language, childish humor and violent sight gags.

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Borgen: Power and Glory (Netflix)

It’s true that Netflix cancels a lot of shows, but every once in a while, the streamer also brings one up again. Power and Glory is the fourth season of the Danish political drama, which apparently ended in 2013. The sequel (which has already aired in Denmark) brings back Sidse Babett Knudsen as Birgitte Nyborg, formerly Denmark’s first female Prime Minister and now Minister of Foreign Affairs. Business.

When a drilling company suddenly discovers oil in Greenland, Nyborg is forced to grapple with her country’s minor role on the international stage. The event reveals the limits of Denmark’s influence in the Arctic, sets up a balance of power between superpowers and exacerbates concerns about the climate crisis.

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Hollywood Stargirl (Disney Plus)

The sequel to 2020’s popular jukebox musical romance follows free-spirited teen Stargirl Caraway (Grace VanderWaal) as she unleashes her beautiful voice from Mica, Arizona, and into the wider world of music. music. When her mother Ana (Judy Greer) gets a job as a movie costume designer, they move to busy, bustling Los Angeles.

With her head full of dreams and possibilities, Stargirl quickly becomes involved with an eclectic assortment of characters, including cute budding filmmaker Evan (Elijah Richardson) and hit singer Roxanne Martel (Uma Thurman). As always, a love of music guides Stargirl on her adventures.

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What else to watch this weekend

We have even more TV and movie recommendations:

  • City of Queens (peacock)
    A British documentary that follows eight drag queens as they face intertwined issues with relentless resilience and glamour.
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  • The Orville season 3 (Hulu)
    The New Horizons sequel finds the crew of the USS Orville continuing their space exploration mission.
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  • Floor Is Lava season 2 (Netflix)
    The reality series introduces bigger obstacles, including a huge, very slippery volcano.
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