Month: September 2021

The man who redefined Kathakali vocal music

From the introduction of carnatic ragas and the sruti box to traveling on stage, Venkitakrishna Bhagavathar has created new trends In the composite art form of Kathakali, vocal music embodies the vachikaabhinaya (verbal action). This feature is a distinct departure from its predecessor, Koodiyattam, in which the actors speak chaste Sanskrit, Pakrit and Malayalam depending […]

Educators Praise Revised Ricochet Curriculum and Encourage Participation in Future Facilitator Trainings

AMES, Iowa – Over the past year, Iowa State University 4-H Youth Outreach and Outreach staff have provided facilitator trainings for Ricochet: A Leadership Adventure extreme across the state. Ricochet is a middle school leadership initiative for youth participating in 4-H, school and community programs across the state. After revising the 12-year program in 2020, […]

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