15 reality shows were caught faking

Reality TV shows often present themselves as an honest look at the lives of their subjects. If you look The Kardashiansyou would assume you are seeing real life unfold.

But the truth is, most reality shows aren’t as “real” as they make them out to be. Here are some examples of shows that were either caught faking during an episode or later revealed to be faking by one of the show’s stars:

The amount of food on Sal and Mallory’s plates kept changing during an episode of Love is blindshowing how much of the show’s narrative is pieced together during editing at various points.

In fact, that’s why the show uses those iconic gold goblets for drinks. You can’t see the fluid level inside, which helps a lot with continuity. Otherwise, people’s glasses would magically fill as editors mustered up the lines and reactions they needed.


Netflix’s “Bling Ring” Documentary The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist revealed that the cops showed up at Alexis Neiers’ house on his reality show rather wild was completely staged.

Alexis explained that the arrest happened when the production crew wasn’t around, so they came back later and recreated the arrest by having a few producers knock on the door.


In a first season of keeping up with the Kardashians, there’s a storyline where Kris hires a nanny who sunbathes topless and generally behaves unprofessionally. Here’s the thing, though: The “nanny” is actually porn star Bree Olson, who said she was cast in the series through her talent agent.

The show probably thought they could get away with it because Olson wasn’t famous at the time. However, she rose to fame a few years later when she was one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses”.


When Snooki and Jwoww “fought” on jerseyshoreJwoww’s socks kept appearing and disappearing on his feet, showing that he had been shot with multiple takes.

Watch this video on YouTube

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Heidi Pratt said her work at Bolthouse was composed for The hillsso the script on his “dismissal” was also BS.

Sure, The hills also ended with that last shot revealing the cast on a soundstage, so we should probably assume a lot of that show was fake.


Many game shows that feature an audience – like Agree or disagree – feature paying audience members to fill the crowd. You can often find listings for these “roles” on casting sites.

I once worked as one of those paying audience members, and they will order the audience to react in certain ways! For example, they might tell part of the audience to shout “Deal!” to the contestant while another section shouts, “No deal!” Sometimes the production team will ask the audience to clap, boo, lightly applaud, or be shocked when there aren’t even any contestants on stage, just to get a variety of reactions filmed.


Remember MTV Next? And how did they get all these “fun facts” for the contestants? Well, some candidates claimed that these facts were fake and that the show wrote lines for them.


Naked and scared provides medication (along with food and water to take with the medicine) to survivalists, according to a competitor. The same contestant also claimed they were so close to a nearby town in their “middle of nowhere” setting that they could hear DJ music from a block party at night.


Storage Wars allegedly planted valuable antiques in storage lockers to create drama, according to a complaint filed by former star Dave Hester. Hester even claims that the show’s production team sometimes filled entire lockers with stuff.


Christine Quinn claimed on Twitter that sell sunset has “5,000 false intrigues”.

30 minutes before the launch of #SellingSunset 🥰🥰 enjoy the new season and all its 5,000 fake plots! 💰 💅

Twitter: @XtineQuinn

She didn’t go into detail as to which ones were fake, but knowing what we know about the OTHER reality shows on this list, it’s not such a wild accusation.


A the island of love fan pointed out a continuity error in this scene from the show, in which case a glass magically moved.

How does Laura’s drink go from behind her at one camera angle to on the table at another angle without her even making a move to put it on the table?! #LoveIsland #Angles #Magic

SCS Twitter: @Sammiantha2


People who auditioned for shows like X factor and american idol claim that you must first pre-audition for the “off-camera judges”. So if you see a bad singer performing on stage on TV, that singer would have been approved by the casting department first.


Product placement is everywhere. A editor-in-chief said their wife got tattooed in a tattoo contest and was given branded headphones to wear during the tattoo session. However, she “wasn’t allowed to plug them in and listen to music.” The headphones were just there to show off the brand.

Once you start thinking about product placement, you’ll see it everywhere on reality TV shows. Shows like Property Brothersfor example, featured Wayfair extensively when shopping for furniture, even doing an on-screen demonstration of purchases on the company’s website or app.


People who have been on house hunters claimed the show was fake, at least on their episode. A former house hunter claimed that they had already bought their house before going to the show, and that the other houses they visited were just for the camera.

Even Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers celebrity told Popsugar that their show owners have already narrowed down their home search and usually already have a specific home in mind that they want to buy.


Game shows will get technical when handing out a “lifetime supply” of anything. An editor claims that their teacher won a lifetime supply of WD-40 on a game show, but, “It turns out that with average use, a can of WD-40 lasts 20 years, so the supply of a life is four cans.”

Have you ever caught a reality show faking something during an episode? Tell us in the comments!

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