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After two film adaptations, the Swedish romantic horror novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Leave the one on the right in, is now being adapted into a television series of the same name. Delving into vampires, young friendships and the dark side of humanity, the series’ central father-daughter duo is played by Mexican actor Demián Bichir and newcomer Madison Taylor Baez.

Other cast members continued to appear on mainstream shows like american horror story and Leftovers, while an actor terminator The franchise has also made an appearance.


Demián Bichir – A Better Life (2011)

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A father and son leaning against a wall in A Better Life

Demián Bichir plays in leave the good As Mark Kane, a worried father who does his best to procure human blood for his vampire daughter.

Even before the Showtime series, Bichir had quite a history when it came to caring dads, as evidenced by his breakout role in A better life, which even earned him an Oscar nomination. The drama is about an undocumented immigrant who works as a gardener and struggles to secure the future for his teenage son. A mainstream name in Mexican telenovelas, Bichir started getting more Hollywood offers after A better life with high-level credits such as the nun and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Madison Taylor Baez – Selena: The Series (2020 – 2021)

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Madison Taylor Baez sings in Selena: The Series

Relatively new to acting, Madison Taylor Baez still made her mark at a young age given her singing background as a America’s Got Talent competitor. In Leave the one on the right inshe plays Eleanor, a 12-year-old girl struggling with her hidden life as a vampire.

Her main screen credit before that was her role as “Young Selena” in the biographical series Selena, a Netflix version of the life of the pop singer who has become one of the most popular exponents of Mexican-English Tejano music. Commenting on his role as a Latin American legend, Baez said The mujerist“She’s such a good example not just for me but for all the little girls that your dreams can come true.”

Anika Noni Rose – The Princess and the Frog (2009)

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Princess Tiana holding Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog

Naomi’s character in the show is quite interesting because even though she is a homicide detective, she was once a singer. The career change offers more depth behind the character and their choices.

Whereas Leave the one on the right in might not allow her to showcase much of her singing prowess, she has already proven her musical talents as Tiana in the animated romantic musical The princess and the Frog. With over a decade since its release, the fairy tale adaptation is notable for being one of the latest Disney animated films in 2D. Looking back on the legacy of the role, Rose said Variety“Being the first black Disney princess was such a first and really changed the way young brown children are viewed in school and in fantasy…”

Grace Gummer – American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014 – 2015)

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Penny smiling in American Horror Story Freak Show.

Medical connotations are quite common in Leave the one on the right in, with Grace Gummer’s Claire being a doctor and sharing a contentious relationship with her father, a disgraced figure in the pharmaceutical world.

This show isn’t the first unconventional horror title in Gummer’s filmography, as she has experience in monster showone of the seasons of the anthology series american horror story. Then again, she seems to have a case of “daddy issues” as she plays a disfigured, scale-tattooed woman from her father’s mental torture. As the season deals with a 1950s circus, she is accepted by the troupe of “freaks” as “The Astounding Lizard Woman”.

Kevin Carroll – The Leftovers (2014 – 2017)

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Regina King as Erika Murphy, Kevin Carroll as John Murphy sitting and talking in The Leftovers Season 2 Epiosde 1

A successful figure in the restaurant business, Kevin Carroll’s Zeke is close friends with protagonist Mark. But with Mark struggling to find a cure for his daughter, their friendship seems to have strained over the years.

Carroll’s popular screen credits include playing one of the main characters of Leftovers, which ran for three seasons. Evoking themes of supernatural fantasy, magical realism, and human drama, the show is set in the aftermath of a global catastrophe that wiped out 2% of the world’s population. Carroll plays a fraudulent psychic called John Murphy, who debuts in the second season. Often juggling between theater and television, Murphy continues to be one of Carroll’s most popular roles, though as a Vulture reveals an interview, he knew nothing about the series when he auditioned for the role!

Nick Stahl – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

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Nick is lying on the ground in Terminator 3

Matthew, a “blood supplier” works out a network to supply the red fluids to other vampires, especially the young vampire Peter. “We try to capture the spirit of this film while creating our own universe,” says Nick Stahl, actor of Matthew, in a TV Insider interview.

He’s obviously no stranger to cinematic universes considering he’s also been part of an iconic franchise like the terminator series. In the third chapter, a much younger Stahl plays future resistance leader John Connor by teaming up with a reprogrammed T-101 robot as the latter arrives in the current timeline. The T-101’s objective is to rescue Connor, while a more advanced shapeshifting TX Terminator aims to finish them both off.

Jacob Buster – Colony (2016 – 2018)

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Two Children Sitting With Cans Of Soup In Hands In Colony Cropped

Peter is another of the young vampires in the series who is probably bitten by the same one who bit Eleanor. The character is played by Jacob Buster who appeared earlier in several episodes of the sci-fi drama Colony.

In Buster’s own words (in an interview with Glittering Myth), “The show [The Colony] is about a divided nation and how a family’s love endures the battle of good versus evil. known as “Hosts.” The protagonists include a former American ranger and resistance fighter, with the pair doing their best to protect their youngest child, Buster’s character Will.

Željko Ivanek – Damage (2007 – 2012)

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Damages' Ray Fiske sits in a chair and scratches his hand

Arthur is a pretty fun character considering his gray areas. Even though he meant no harm, the drugs the pharmaceutical expert helped develop were ultimately proven to be addictive, leading to several lawsuits against him. As family dramas are common in Leave the one on the right inthe lawsuits strain the relationship with his daughter, Claire.

Speaking of lawsuits, legal matters have always been an integral part of Željko Ivanek’s career, given accolades for his role as attorney Ray Fiske in Damage. Considered one of the best legal dramas from the 2000s, the show focuses on the various cases that ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes and her protege are embroiled in each episode. Appearing as an antagonistic character, Ivanek’s civilian attorney, Ray Fiske, often conspires against Patty Hewes.

Fernanda Andrade – Knight of the Moon (2022)

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Steven seated in front of Wendy Spector in Moon Knight.

Eleanor’s mother, played by Fernanda Andrade, adds an alternate dimension to the 12-year-old’s troubled childhood. The last time the actress played a mother in a turbulent relationship was earlier this year with the Marvel miniseries, moon knight.

With the titular hero going through a history of childhood trauma and split personalities, his early origins were always the subject of speculation until the penultimate episode gave more backstory. It turns out that young Marc’s older brother died in an accident, a death in the family that his mother Wendy always blamed on him. Andrade appears in only one episode but offers enough emotional dialogue to become a memorable supporting character.

Josh Wingate – Priest (2011)

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Josh Wingate as a vampire in Priest

In the world of Leave the one on the right invampire characteristics can also be developed through specific drugs in a network controlled by gangsters like Josh Wingate’s Roland.

Wingate happened to play a vampire in 2011 with a brief role as a “familiar” (servant of a vampire) in Priest. The film starring Paul Bettany is a horror adventure that deals with a hyper-violent clash between religious fighters called priests and vampires in a post-apocalyptic future. It seems Wingate has a knack for playing characters associated with vampires.

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