10 Characters Who Belong On Other TV Shows

The Netflix series the witcher is based on a series of dark fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and his inspired video games. It has a huge cast of characters that bring its world to life with magic and intrigue. Villains are given significant screen time alongside heroes to flesh out their agendas, as are characters with their own hidden motivations and mixed morals.

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With so many personalities appearing and working against each other, it’s noticeable that some characters feel similar to those from other series. From temperaments to goals to story beats, many Witcher the characters are likely to be comfortable in shows other than their own.

ten Ciri shares traits and a fugitive history with Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones)

Like Arya Stark on game of thrones, Princess Cirilla of Cintra is a young member of a powerful political family and the daughter of a traditionally feminine mother. Both characters pursue hobbies outside the traditions of their society. Ciri plays knucklebones outside with commoners, while Arya prefers swordfighting to sewing.

Cintra’s destruction bears similarities to the fall of House Stark, and Ciri and Arya flee into the desert. There, they struggle to survive in a war-torn environment. Along the way, the two encounter an older male character who acts as a protective and paternal bodyguard, along with Geralt and the Hound, respectively.

9 Like Eleven, Yennefer struggles with herself and temporarily loses her powers (Stranger Things)

Yennefer of Vengerberg is taken by an organization that cultivates her powers. After leaving said group, Yennefer finds herself embroiled in conflicts where she struggles to accept herself and make her own choices. With that in mind, Yennefer has a lot in common with Eleven of stranger things.

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Eleven frequently wonders if she herself is a freak and ends up stepping out of the submitted lab project role. Eleven and Yennefer temporarily lose their extraordinary supernatural abilities due to overuse and burnout. This marks a turning point in their character’s evolution and allows viewers to see who they are without them.

8 Geralt and the Mandalorian become guardians of powerful and endangered children (The Mandalorian)

Geralt de Riv and the protagonist of The Mandalorian begin their respective shows as action-oriented, no-frills loners who were abandoned or orphaned at a young age. They stay alone and mind their own business, but circumstances change when a mysterious and powerful child is entrusted to them.

Although they prefer solitude, Geralt and the Mandalorian become fiercely protective of Cirilla and Grogu, respectively, and their personal arcs revolve around these bonds. In addition to keeping them safe, Geralt and Mando attempt to find training opportunities for their young proteges, with Geralt taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen to teach her how to fight, and Mando seeking a Jedi master for Grogu.

seven Dandelion and Andy are hapless, lovable music lovers who break the fourth wall (the office)

In a world brimming with magic and fantasy, Dandelion delivers plenty of comedic lines and reactions that mirror those of the audience and would be more appropriate for a sitcom. This meta-approach makes him a match for Andy Bernard of Officean iconic show for its mockumentary format and “talking head” interviews.

Like Andy, Dandelion is a charming and outgoing nerdy character who loves music and is socially oblivious to certain situations. They are both proficient in string instruments and are extremely proud of their talents and interests, causing them to take offense when others criticize their behavior and skill level.

6 Tissaia and Alma are capable, flawed characters who encourage the talents of others (The Queen’s Gambit)

The mighty witch Tissaia de Vries and Alma Wheatley from The Queen’s Bet essentially raising young women to adulthood after taking them from places where they felt alone. They seem obstructive at first, with Tissaia showing little sympathy for Yennefer and Alma viewing Beth’s interest in chess as odd. While Tissaia is a strict mentor, she sees potential in Yennefer and cares about her, especially after Sodden Hill. Alma, after seeing Beth’s talent, becomes her biggest supporter and accompanies her to tournaments.

Both series see an irreplaceable bond appear between the two sets of characters, and when one of the two disappears or dies, it causes devastating emotional pain for the other person. Tissaia and Alma also focus on their personal demons, responsibilities, and other interests outside of the main character, which deepens them beyond supporting roles. Tissaia contributes to the political decisions of wizards and begins a romance with Vilgefortz. Alma, meanwhile, gives details of her troubled married life and is a gifted pianist.

5 Before the reveal, Duny and Oh Il-nam seem to be victims of circumstances (Squid Game)

Duny first appears as a cursed being who seeks Pavetta’s hand in marriage through the Law of Surprise. Their marriage lifts his curse and leads to the birth of Cirilla, who prophesied to save the Elves before they both died at sea. These factors imply that Duny is a victim of fate and circumstance, much like Oh He- name of squid gamea player from the games in the series who is battling a brain tumor.

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the witcherThe second season reveals that Duny is still alive as Emperor Emhyr of Nilfgaard, causing much of the continent’s current turmoil. Oh Il-nam has similar relevance when revealed to be alive after apparently dying during the games. Worse still, he actually controls the whole game for his own reasons.

4 Fringilla and Meg have questionable morals, but are sympathetic hero allies (Supernatural)

As Nilfgaard’s mage, Fringilla Vigo becomes a default antagonist as she seeks to help them conquer the continent and spread the White Flame religion. However, examination of the character shows that Fringilla sincerely believes it’s the right deed, like Meg from Supernatural.

Over time, Fringilla and Meg become almost friends with opposing factions. Fringilla develops a kinship with Francesca and overcomes some of her animosity with Yennefer. Meg develops an attraction to Castiel and assists the Winchesters when it suits her. That way, Fringilla and Meg nuance each show’s more questionable moralities and retain their likability in their own right.

3 Like Wanda, Francesca wants a life with her loved ones, and grief pushes her to the limit (WandaVision)

Like Wanda from Wanda Vision, Francesca Findabair has a past full of tragedies. She wants a safe haven where she and the Elves can live in peace and look forward to a better future, with the birth of her daughter prompting her to withdraw her support for Nilfgaard’s campaign. The murder of his daughter inspires revenge.

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Francesca swears revenge for her child and the general treatment of the elves, magically killing Redania’s babies in retaliation. This mirrors Wanda’s own dealing with grief, where she traps the people of Westview in an idyllic illusion to mirror the home she wishes she had.

2 Calanthe and Cersei Lannister resent the limits their societies place on their gender (Game Of Thrones)

Like Cersei Lannister from game of thrones, Calanthe de Cintra is the queen of a kingdom and has a lion as the symbol of her ruling house. They both carry great love for their family, with Cersei protecting her children and Calanthe being the same towards Pavetta, Ciri and Eist, and will resort to violent measures to protect them.

Above all, Calanthe and Cersei resent the sexism of their medieval fantasy worlds. It inspires them to strategize and plan, so they can wield power and earn respect in any way they can. Finally, each dies after a series of events triggered by their own temerity.

1 Voleth Meir and Rumpelstiltskin have secret agendas and come up with shady deals (Once Upon a Time)

At first, Voleth Meir has an ambiguous motivation and origin. She mysteriously appears in different forms and offers deals that seem to achieve what people want. However, these offerings bring anguish, as Fringilla and Francesca demonstrate. The Suffering frees Voleth to return to the dimension of the Wild Hunt.

In this way, Voleth parallels Rumpelstiltskin from Once upon a time. Rumpelstiltskin also has an unusual appearance and offers offers to desperate people. The side effects are often negative and benefit him, with many manipulations contributing to Rumpelstiltskin traversing worlds to locate his long-lost son.

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