10 Best VH1 ‘Celebreality’ TV Shows Of The 2000s, According To IMDb

VH1 continues to be the network for “celebrity” show fans, as it was in the 2000s. From its crazy dramatic dating shows featuring rockstars and rappers to celebrities competing to lose the as much weight as possible, there was no shortage of reality TV shows for the obsessed pop culture.

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Currently, VH1 continues its “celebrity” programming with shows like love and hip hop and basketball wivesbut fans of early reality TV still talk about those crazy shows that changed 2000s pop culture forever. .

ten The Surreal Life (2003 – 2006) – 5.3

surreal life followed celebrities whose star power was fading living together in a house. The show took on the successful format of The real world but also added in the challenges. The show was filled with drama but exposed the stars to new audiences who may not have known who they were outside of the show.

The show joined the VH1 programming schedule for its final four seasons, with the WB network hosting the first two seasons. The show eventually lost viewership as the stars used for the show became more obscure.

9 But can they sing? (2005) – 5.5

But can they sing?  title card

Before The Masked Singer showed off the singing talents of celebrities, there were But can they sing? The show was before its time, focused on celebrities who weren’t known for their singing skills but wanted to venture into music. The show only lasted one season.

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But can they sing? failed to attract big names, which ultimately failed to attract viewers. Like other VH1 shows, the short-lived series was overshadowed by bigger talent contests and received neutral ratings because it was not a breakthrough show.

8 Celebrity Fit Club (2002 – 2006) – 5.5

Celebrity Fit Club contestants smiling for the photo

Celebrity Fitness Club capitalized on the media’s emphasis on the physical appearance of celebrities. The show was a challenge-based show that followed stars as they tried to lose weight, and those who failed were sent home. The show had a lot of drama between the contestants and their trainer Sargent, which made for great reality TV.

The weight loss shows have since come under heavy criticism for lacking reality and sustainability in the lifestyle contestants are expected to maintain after the show. Most of the networks then moved away from them.

7 The Cho Show (2008) – 6

Title card for The Cho Show

Margaret Cho let fans into her life by exploring things that sparked her curiosity and following her daily struggles with body image and self-confidence. The Cho Show tackled real issues that women, especially Asian women, face on a daily basis while capitalizing on Cho’s hilarious comedic timing.

The show was short-lived and only aired seven episodes before being cancelled. The show has some really wholesome moments and gives an inside look at people who make a career out of other people’s happiness.

6 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008 – 2013) – 6

Celebrity Rehab Therapy Session With Dr. Pinksy

Dr. Drew led VH1 and MTV in the 2000s, as he was the creator of many of the networks biggest reality shows. The show has followed several celebrities as Dr. Drew, and his team has attempted to guide the stars to a life of sobriety. However, the show included more than group therapy sessions and often became difficult to watch as moments of detox were shown.

The show ran for a long time but left a bitter taste in the mouths of viewers as several of the show’s patients relapsed and several others died (per CBS News).

5 Celebrity Paranormal Project (2006) – 6.1

Celebrity Paranormal Project Image Title

Fans of paranormal documentaries and TV shows might remember VH1 Celebrity Paranormal Project, who dropped stars in “haunted” places as the cameras rolled. The show flourished thanks to Blair Witch Project the filming style and overreactions of celebrities as they walked through the places where they were dropped off.

Despite the show’s decent rating, it didn’t last long and has since been overshadowed by the plethora of ghost-hunting reality shows now airing.

4 Undisputed Dice (2007) – 6.4

Dice Undisputed Promotional Image

Before playing Butchie in Pam and Tommy, Andrew Dice Clay was selling theaters with his offensive comedy act. It was the comedian’s first attempt at a television comeback, and he’s had several shows since then.

Even though the show only lasted six episodes, it received high ratings from the comedian’s fans. However, Dice Clay couldn’t reach the level of stardom he held in the 80s and fell into obscurity until his acting career took off.

3 Run’s House (2005) – 6.6

Run's House promotional image

Nothing grabs viewers’ attention more than the domestic lives of 80s and 90s rappers. The race house followed the life of Run-DMC member Rev Run as he raises his children and they chart their path in life. The show was surprisingly wholesome for a hip-hop-themed reality show.

The focus on family life and acceptance of your growing children appealed to audiences who may not have known Rev Run for his music career. The show was so successful that Rev’s daughter got her own spinoff show.

2 Sober House (2009) – 6.8

Dr Drew speaks at Sober House Residences

Dr Drew wasn’t done with her mission to help celebrities struggling with addiction after canceling Celebrity Rehab. He created Sober House, which followed stars as they experienced life in a sober establishment and were under constant surveillance.

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While fans were initially drawn to the show for the dramatic aspects of the show, they continued to watch because of the residents’ triumphant moments. Even though it was a reality show, the show didn’t shy away from tackling the most difficult aspects of addiction, sobriety, and relapse.

1 The Salt-N-Pepa Show (2007-2008) – 7.2

Salt N Pepa walks arm in arm down the street smiling

Before their hit song, “Shoop”, was used in the iconic dead Pool highway scene, Salt-N-Pepa recounted their return to music in The Salt-N-Pepa Show. The show gave fans some closure as it explained why the dynamic duo decided to go their separate ways years before. But the show also provided a personal look into the lives of each of the women that fans had never seen before.

The show was less about drama and more about music, which appealed to fans of all ages and helped rappers revitalize their careers.

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