10 best techniques created by the Uchiha clan in Naruto

More naruto fans know that the Uchiha and Senju clans co-founded Konohagakure. After decades of war that resulted in massive casualties on both sides, the two clans laid down their arms and united, creating the first hidden village in the shinobi world.

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Famous for their combat prowess and ultimate dojutsu, the Sharingan, the Uchiha Clan were a welcome addition to the rank of Konohagakure despite the Senju Clan’s initial distrust of the “cursed” Clan. What wasn’t cursed was the multitude of Uchiha self-created jutsu, which later became instrumental in Konoha’s defense against its enemies overseas.

ten Fire Release: Dragon Flame Loud Singing Jutsu Created Heat Seeking Dragon Balls

Alongside the Sarutobi clan, the Uchiha have specialized in fire release techniques; even without their legendary Sharingan, their ability to quickly master fire-based jutsu made the Uchiha feared in the shinobi world. Due to their inherent abilities, they have developed numerous techniques to burn Konoha’s military opponents.

The Dragon Flame Loud Singing Jutsu was one of the Uchiha’s highest fire techniques; after brewing its chakra into the body, its user expelled several dragon-headed fireballs at their opponent. These manipulative dragons were powerful heat-seeking orbs capable of reducing anyone caught in the crossfire to a pile of smoldering ash.

9 Sharingan Genjutsu manipulated opponents’ moves, then stole their jutsu

The Uchiha Clan owed much of its formidable reputation to the Sharingan. This kekkei genkai allowed the Uchiha to mirror their enemy’s attacks, predict their movements, and see through most deceptions and genjutsu; they could also cast genjutsu just by looking someone in the eye.

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This ability, called Genjutsu: Sharingan, allowed the Uchiha to manipulate their opponents’ movements to mirror their own; this essentially tricked their target into thinking they had a future vision, inflicting massive psychological damage. With the technique active, its user could also mimic enemy jutsu perfectly; this allowed the Uchiha to build large offensive arsenals without developing techniques themselves. Some users of the Sharingan have gained sufficient mastery of the technique to be revered in the Five Great Nations, such as Kakashi the ninja copyist, who has learned over 1,000 jutsu using the power of the Sharingan.

8 Kirin was the Uchiha’s ultimate lightning release technique

Sasuke Uchiha has developed various techniques to defeat his brother, Itachi, during his quest to avenge his fallen clan. His two elemental release abilities, fire and lightning, allowed Sasuke to master the Great Fireball Jutsu at the age of seven and the Lightning Blade Chidori at 14.

Two years later, Sasuke single-handedly created the greatest Lightning Release technique: Kirin. By shooting lightning directly from storm clouds, Sasuke supplemented Kirin’s punching power with his own chakra; this chakra shapeshifting gave lightning the form of a sentient beast. Powerful enough to obliterate entire mountains on impact, this ability was powerful enough to destroy Itachi Uchiha’s Susano’o.

seven Unleashing Fire: The flames of the majestic destroyer have reduced entire armies to ashes

Even without their Sharingan, the Uchiha were formidable enemies on the battlefield. Their natural fighting instincts, great ferocity, and mastery of Fire Release set the Uchiha apart from most clans during the World Clan era and long after the Hidden Village model replaced it.

The Majestic Destroyer Flames technique marked the pinnacle of Uchiha Fire Release. After amassing incredible amounts of chakra in the body, the technique user forcefully expelled it to create a sea of ​​fire; capable of engulfing several square miles of land, the attack could decimate landscapes and armies with a single decisive blow. Madara’s use of this ability nearly ended the Fourth Shinobi War, as it took nearly 30 Jonin-level Water Release users to undo this jutsu.

6 Kotoamatsukami enables subtle brainwashing

After experiencing intense trauma, such as watching a loved one die, the Uchiha’s Sharingan evolves into its higher form: the Mangekyo Sharingan. Upon activation, the Mangekyo grants its user new abilities that differ between each eye while retaining all of the Sharingan’s original abilities.

Shisui’s awakening ability was the Kotoamatsukami, the Uchiha’s most powerful and coveted technique. This allowed Shisui to enter the minds of anyone nearby to subtly manipulate their decision-making; through the fabrication of hypnotic experiences and suggestions, Kotoamatsukami became the world’s greatest genjutsu as its target never realized they were being manipulated.

5 Shinra Tensei was Rinngan’s strongest ability

Uchiha’s Sharingan is part of the “Three Great Dojutsu”, which includes the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. While the Byakugan is inaccessible to anyone outside of the Hyuga clan, the Rinnegan can only be obtained by a Sharingan wielder who has obtained Hagoromo’s chakra.

Shinra Tensei, or Almighty Push, used the five transformations of nature, making it the ultimate Rinnegan technique. It created a repulsive force capable of repelling all enemies and jutsu from its caster. With enough chakra, its user could channel a force so great it could wipe out entire villages; Pain used Shinra Tensei to reduce Konohagakure and its inhabitants to a barren crater.

4 Amaterasu produced inextinguishable jet black flames

After witnessing Shisui’s suicide, Itachi Uchiha awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes. While his left inherited the power of the Tsukuyomi, his right now conjured Amaterasu; these inextinguishable black flames have become the most powerful fire release ability ever seen in naruto. It also served as Itachi’s biggest offensive attack.

Amaterasu produced jet-black flames at the user’s point of vision; inextinguishable and too fast to dodge, Amaterasu burned as hot as the sun. The flames were also unstoppable, as they continued to burn until their target was completely engulfed and engulfed before leaving only a pile of ash behind.

3 Tsukuyomi forced his unlucky victims to live lives in seconds

Amaterasu’s antipode was Itachi’s left eye ability, the Tsukuyomi. As the strongest genjutsu, Tsukuyomi trapped its target in a world designed by Itachi. Time and space were meaningless within it, as Itachi could force his victims to relive intense trauma, torture them, or live entire lives in seconds in the real world.

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This ability was so great because it couldn’t be broken by normal release techniques. Even with delicate chakra control and a target’s awareness of being in genjutsu, the Tsukuyomi technique could only be released by its caster. His victims’ consciousness was forced to live in Itachi’s world with no hope of escape, while their physical bodies were rendered entirely comatose.

2 Kamui gave its user indefensible offensive power and near invulnerability

Typically, the Mangekyo manifested as two different abilities for each eye. Some wielders, like Obito Uchiha, only gained one ability; after witnessing Rin’s death, Obito’s Mangekyo granted him the power of Kamui. His left allowed him to use the ability at long range and the right at close range.

Kamui transferred people and objects to another dimension that was inescapable and untraceable to even the strongest sensory ninja. Offensively, Kamui could store weapons or shuriken that could be propelled at high speed behind a target. Defensively, this allowed Obito to absorb and nullify most ninjutsu. His unique use of Kamui also rendered his body intangible, rendering him completely invincible to any form of aggression for several minutes.

1 Full Body Susano’o was the ultimate Awakened Uchiha technique

As the Mangekyo was once considered the pinnacle of Uchiha power, members of the clan began killing their loved ones to gain its unique abilities. Although these differed depending on which eye was awakened, the Mangeko would also grant a Uchiha Clan member additional power once the Sharigan of both eyes was leveled up.

This ability, called Susano’o, provided its user with impenetrable armor that proved to be the ultimate defense. After shrouding them in chakra, Susano’o protected and fought for an Uchiha of his own. These literal titans could destroy entire mountain ranges with a single swing of their sword, protect the user from cataclysmic ninjutsu like the Tail Bomb, and allow an Uchiha to perform other jutsu under the protection of the armor. while keeping his enemies at bay.

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