10 best shows like HBO’s Insecure

HBO Unsafe recently ended, bringing the ups and downs in the life of protagonist Issa Dee to an end. While fans are more than happy with the final season, it’s time for them to look for shows that are similar with themes and tone to the beloved HBO series.

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Showrunner Issa Rae’s fantastic portrayal of the “insecure” lead role is comparable to a few other protagonists on new-age shows who are equally vulnerable to romantic and professional failures. However, in addition to sentimentality, these related shows also benefit from a healthy dose of social satire which is abundantly present in Unsafe.


Crash (2016) – Available on Netflix

Phoebe Waller-Bridge playing the ukulele in Crashing

Before Chip bag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge starred in another UK sitcom as the main character. As hilarious as it is moving, Crash deals with a group of misfits who live in an abandoned hospital and struggle with their romantic pursuits.

Lulu de Waller-Bridge is quite comparable to Issa in Unsafe in terms of well-being and chaotic love life. Adultery serves as a major plot point in Unsafe from the first season. Similar themes of cheating form the crux of CrashThe plot point is as Lulu’s close friend falls in love with her while dating someone else.

Atlanta (2016-present) – Available on Hulu

Donald Glover walking through an Atlanta airport.

Revolving around the always-in-a-hurry musical director Earn and his rapper cousin, Atlanta subverts the tropes of average comedy by indulging in absurdism and social observations. From an animated satire on police brutality to a horror episode involving white-faced Donald Glover, viewers can expect anything and everything while watching Atlanta.

While Unsafe is not as surreal as the episodes of Atlanta, the series delves into occasional dream scenarios that are not grounded in reality. Moreover, just like Atlanta seems to celebrate its titular city through random urban misadventures, Unsafe attempts to achieve a similar feat when it comes to Los Angeles.

Girls (2012-2017) – Available on HBO Max


As the title suggests, Girls is the story of four girls in their mid-twenties as they try to make sense of their life in the big city amid professional feuds and boisterous romantic activities. At the center is Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath who aspires to be a writer but struggles to make ends meet.

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Hannah is comparable to Issa as both characters can seem confused and impulsive at first glance. But deep down they are career focused and want to do something about their aspirations. the Unsafe protagonist struggles to be financially independent while organizing events for his community and his city. Despite all her troubles, she can finally achieve her goals towards the end.

A Black Lady Sketch Show (2019-present) – Available on HBO Max

A Black Lady Sketch Show title card

With comedians and actresses like Robin Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, Quinta Brunson and Ashley Nicole Black, A black lady sketch show is filled with hilarious comedy kits that can cover a wide range of themes. Along with the usual storylines about love and life, the series’ sketches also sometimes incorporate sci-fi and horror themes.

The camaraderie, as well as the rivalry between the four main characters, can be seen as a parallel with Issa and the other characters in Unsafe. Fans of Issa Rae should check out this anthology series as well, as Rae is also a producer and occasional guest star.

Ramy (2019-present) – Available on Hulu

In addition to incorporating the usual tropes of dramatic comedy, Ramy also offers a candid glimpse into Egyptian-American culture as the titular protagonist struggles to find his identity. As well as being the first generation American of his family, Ramy is also keen to learn more about his Egyptian roots. Religion, love, sex, and family tend to play a major role in the daily activities of the desperate hero.

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If there is anything in common between the threads in Ramy and Unsafe, it’s human nature to make mistakes. Much like Issa and the people around him, Ramy makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to his loved ones and partners. But it’s the process of taking responsibility that makes Ramy’s character more mature and likable.

Dear Whites (2016-2021) – Available on Netflix

The casting of Dear White People in a Netflix promo.

Based on the film of the same name, Netflix’s Dear Whites continues the story of black students at an Ivy League college as they attempt to forge a distinct identity. Occasional and systematic racism is approached in a satirical way through the perspective of young students. And since this is a college drama, there is the usual share of friendships and turbulent relationships between the characters in Dear Whites.

Dear WhitesThe satire of on racism and stereotypes has garnered a lot of praise and such material would impress fans of Unsafe. While the latter is primarily Issa’s Journey, the show continuously addresses issues like racism in the workplace and normalized white hegemony in the lives of Issa and her friend Molly.

Modern Love (2019-present) – Available on Amazon Prime Video

Celebrating the Various Stories of The New York Times’ Modern love chronicle, this anthology series is the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy watch. Each episode deals with a particular aspect of romantic relationships, ranging from issues of commitment to parenthood.

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Unsafe, in itself, is a celebration of “modern love” with each character representing a different shade of romance. Issa’s ever-changing relationships show just how subjective the notion of love can be to different people. The same can be said for Molly’s turbulent love life as Tiffany and Derek’s marriage serves as another case study.

She Must Have It (2017-2019) – Available on Netflix

One of Spike Lee’s most underrated joints could be his debut film She’s Gotta Have It which he later adapted into a Netflix series of the same name. Much like the film, the series deals with the everyday life of a woman who has three different romantic partners.

While dealing with the immature attitudes of the men in her life, she also strives to find her artistic passion. This goes hand in hand with Issa’s quest to find her true purpose. Her partners continue to change with each person affecting her in different ways. But in the end, she’s all alone to do what she wants.

Fleabag (2016-2019) – Available on Amazon Prime Video

Fleabag sitting in church, looking at camera

Dealing with personal tragedy and a lot of anguish, the main character by Fleabag navigate his life. Even though she wishes to be cured, her deadpan humor draws the anger of all around her. Chip bag uses this simple premise to weave a deeply moving story of finding love in such troubling times.

A little like Insecurehe is Issa, Fleabag loves to talk to herself and think out loud when she is stressed. Embarrassing interactions with friends, family, and romantic partners is another trait they both share. In this way, both shows tend to present a new generation of TV protagonists who are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

Amour (2016-2018) – Available on Netflix


When a typical “nice guy” and a typical “wild child” have a romantic encounter, the two begin to question their notions of love. This is what launches the premise of To like which then explores several concepts around couples where opposites seem to attract.

To like Insecure fans would excite because in Issa’s case, most of her partners were quite opposite in terms of personalities and interests. It’s how Issa and others navigate these differences that ultimately decide who stays in her life and who doesn’t. The constantly evolving chemistry between the two leaders in To like presents similar cases.

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